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Party Kit Company was born from the idea that good quality party supplies should be easy to buy. 

Objectives at The Kit Source represented on a scale


We're two event enthusiasts, with backgrounds in community, education and social event management. Khai's the ops expert, while Lel adores design. We’re married, we’re business partners, and we want you to celebrate life more often.

"But party planning’s so time consuming!" It can be hard but we've got the solution. Just pick a themed Party Kit and have it delivered to you. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Our end is a little less straightforward and we take it very seriously. It's our job! We source. We curate. We package it all up with a pretty bow. Every theme is carefully styled and assembled so you feel less pressure and stress. All you have to do is unpack and party!

"But I haven't shopped with you guys, why should I trust you?" Well, look at us. Don't we look cute? In all seriousness, however, we love what we do and want to make sure your parties are AWESOME! If you want to know what's in each 'party in a box', visit our Party Kits collection, or simply get in contact, we promise we’ll get back to you and answer any question you throw at us. Speaking of answering questions, we also offer a FREE party planning checklist and guide with every Party Kit purchase!


Where the Kit Source started


Lets rewind to December 2013. A little stale brained and at career crossroads, we decided to move away from Sydney to beef up our brains with some study. We went to Berkeley, California, part of the entrepreneurial hub known as the San Francisco Bay Area.

In between gorging on ice cream sandwiches from CREAM and polishing off sticky ribs from Angelines, Khai studied Global Business Management and Lel studied Floristry and Event Design. With these powers combined (and full bellies), we came up with a business that married our skills, experience and interests into a pretty little package (a.k.a. The Kit Source). In 2017, we evolved to the Party Kit Company. We’re so excited about the challenges ahead and look forward to helping more customers have parties!

Photo of Khai and Lel at Wedding


We're ONE SINGLE STORE. Do you really want to trek shop to shop to find coordinated party things or sift through all 1000 items? Overwhelmed at the thought? Us too.

We create unique party themes by sourcing items from all over the world, then carefully match and package them together. This is to ensure you have a special and memorable celebration. We want your guests to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at those awesome plates and cute decorations. 


Khai and Lel from Party Kit Company with Chewie Dog

Khai and Lel with 'Chewie' who was adopted in September 2016