Environmentally Friendly Partyware

At Party Kit Company, we're trying our best to limit our impact on the environment.

One day, we hope to have our own range of sustainable partyware, but until then, know that:

  • Apart from the plastic cutlery, all products in our Party Kits, are made from paper. To recycle these products make sure you wipe off any food scraps and place them in paper recycling bins.
  • Straws - we do not use plastic straws, paper only. 
  • Balloons - our latex balloons are biodegradable. That doesn't mean you should just let them go and hope that nature will take care of the rest. Never release balloons, and ensure you bin your balloons; for more information on safe balloon disposal, visit http://www.peba.com.au/
  • 90% of our parcels are sent with Sendle, who are 100% carbon neutral. Sendle offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered.

We're working on making parties more sustainable in Australia, and if you have an idea on how we can do that, please do get in contact!

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