We started a blog to document our progress but more importantly share our story. We're hoping that by doing so, we might encourage others to pursue their ideas. This is the first time that we've started a business together and were warned by many not to do it because we're married! We believe in ourselves and believe our partnership is strong enough to handle both relationships. Follow our journey!

Party PlanningOur Living Blog is about the challenges of starting an online business in Sydney, Australia; while providing insight on what it's like to be Married and working together. We also write about food, share our favourite movies and other life experiences.
Party Planning, party themes, party decoration ideasOur Party Blog is for people interested in party planning and looking for inspiring party themes or party decorations ideas. We discuss how our Party Kits were curated and how they can be best utilised. Additionally, we share Party Tips, hacks and party food recipes that will make birthdays and celebrations less stressful and more enjoyable.