Top 10 Summer Party Themes - PART 1

October 30, 2017

Top 10 Summer Party Themes - PART 1

Spring is finally here and what better way to take advantage of the warm air and the laid back atmosphere that this season brings than planning your own party with your family and friends.  There are many party themes that you can use for your own celebration, and here are the first five of our favourites!

Tropical Party
Imagine being transported to a tropical island where you bask in the sea breeze and the cool sand.  For decorations, use a fabric that imitates the sea and loud colours to complement the tropical flowers that would be placed in vases (think tropical leaves and hibiscus!).  Also, be sure to use wooden accents as much as possible as it add a nice island vibe to the party.  As for the food, we suggest that you to utilize tropical fruits and vegetables like mango, pineapple, papaya and avocado, which you can whip up into a mean salsa.  Barbecue is also an ideal food for a tropical party.  Be sure to grill pork, shrimp, chicken and other seafood and serve them on top of our Tropical themed party supplies!

The Tropicana Party Kit!

Pink Lemonade Party

Image: karaspartyideas.com

Lemonade stands are very popular during the summer and it’s ideal to incorporate this into a party.  For decorations, use lemon slices made from card, yellow and pink balloons, pink lanterns, tassels and, of course, a lemonade stand.  As for food and drinks, you can serve pink cupcakes, lemon jelly fruit slices and lemonade. No other colour scheme screams summer quite like bright pink and yellow!  

Metallic Party
Metallic christmas party supplies
Modern Metallic Party Kit

Whether it's Christmas, New Year's Eve or you're just planning for a cocktail party with your crew, you can set up a metallic theme party in shades of gold and silver. Make the theme consistent from the walls to the tableware, by pinning up tassels and balloons, serving your chic food on metallic partyware, and even have drinks that match the gold colour scheme like champagne or brandy on offer. And don't forget to garnish those desserts with gold leaf or edible metallic sprinkles!

Pool Party
For those lucky ones with a pool at home, you can definitely make a splash with your family and friends! For decorations, we're inspired by a classic beach ball - think red, white and yellow! Use beach balls and awesome floaties in the pool and colourful lanterns or balloons lined up in your backyard.  Meanwhile, for food, serve light and tasty snacks that can be quickly gobbled up before heading in for a swim!

Ice Cream Party
Since summer is the perfect season for outdoor parties, you and your friends can cool down with an ice cream themed celebration.  Set up a DIY ice cream bar (in the shade), with simple vanilla ice cream and bowls of sprinkles, lollies and toppings - it's the PERFECT party activity for kids.  As for decorations, think white, pink, cherry red and SPRINKLES!
Sprinkles party cupsSprinkles party napkins
Sprinkles cups and napkins!

Now you're equipped with a handful of summer party themes, why not throw one yourself? If you're after more ideas though, head to PART TWO of our top summer party themes blog!

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