Tips to make your next party look polished

Tips to make your next party look polished

Sometimes it can be tricky to make sure all the decorations work together and don't clash. Here's our top three suggestions for making sure that your event looks amazing, but not over the top.

Choose a Theme
Sometimes your party theme is obvious. It's someone's birthday, someone just got married or had a baby. You might decide to decorate with tiny cut-outs of baby clothes or birthday cake banners.

But sometimes, themes are a little less obvious. Once people are celebrating birthdays in double-digits, they are less likely to have a favourite cartoon to build around - although who said you can't have comic-book character parties for the over-20 crowd?

A theme might be someone's favourite colour, sports team or even a favourite book. We had a lot of fun detailing our favourite event in Bupa Life Insurance’s recent article, 'How to Make Life's Milestone Celebrations Special '. We chose a simple black, white and gold theme for Khai's mum's party, but there's lots more inspiration in the article, so check it out!

Black and white party supplies

Find One Item and Build Around It
If you are going to have place settings, you can start with a centrepiece, and then choose table settings that match. If your event is more of a casual affair, you might have a gift table or image board celebrating the guest of honour; again, once you know how you're going to decorate that element, you can expand your decoration plan outwards.

It's much easier to find plates and balloons to match your favourite centrepiece than it is to find the right centrepiece after you've chosen an eclectic mix of plates, napkins, and disposable cutlery.

Dinosaur party supplies

Look at Everything Together
One way to make sure your decorations have a unified theme is to look at everything together. You don't want everything to be too matchy-matchy; keep it simple and chic. Even an intentionally mismatched theme can look over the top if it's not done correctly! One of our favourite things about the Party Kits we have available, is that you can see all the pieces you're buying together, to make sure you like how everything looks before you hit ‘purchase’. 

Bright candy party supplies

When you’re organising an event you don’t have the time to think about how everything is going to coordinate. That’s why choosing one of our kits takes the stress out of your day, knowing everything has been masterfully styled to work together.

Choosing party supplies and decorations might be one of the most important (or maybe your favourite) elements of party planning, but spending your time in a panic trying to figure out how to do it all right can sap all the fun out of your milestone. If you need inspo for your next party - check out what we have on offer to simplify the planning experience!

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