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Tips for an Insta-worthy party table

January 10, 2017

Tips for an Insta-worthy party table

We’ve all seen those stunning party setups in glossy magazines or top entertaining blogs. They’re stylish, perfectly constructed and seemingly out of reach when setting up our own table or lolly buffet. Here we’ve put together five top tips to get that editorial look for your next party.

Choose bright, contrasting colours
In the midst of summer, bright pinks, greens, golds and blues are the most effective and eye-catching way to create a striking spread. Don’t be afraid to choose bold and mismatching patterns or shapes, just make sure the colours are of a similar tone – e.g. jewel tones, fluoro tones, or even all pastel tones – but the brighter the better.

Fluoro floral party supplies from The Kit Source

Be messy, but on purpose
If you’re not the most precise person, or simply don’t have the time to measure the gap between each plate and tasty treat, don’t stress. Being purposefully messy with some of your pieces will deliver that perfectly ‘thrown together’ look without too much effort. We’re not saying to chuck piles of plates on a table and be done with it, think about how you can arrange some items perfectly, and then balance it out with some purposeful mess!

Fluoro floral party kit from The Kit Source

Always get extra supplies
Think you’ll need ten balloons to line the back of the lolly buffet? Get twenty. It’s no secret that abundance will create a more luxurious look, even if it’s just so you have a few extra balloons for background photos, or to attach to the letterbox, having more is better than not enough. 

Fluoro floral party supplies from The Kit Source

Flowers are your friend
As you can see from these gorgeous shots, flowers are pretty much the only accompaniment required for this party setting! A few vases of bright flowers, even if they’re purchased from the supermarket, will lift your theme to the next level.

Fluoro Floral Party Kit from The Kit Source

Enlist some help
If you have a friend that’s great at baking or balloon-blowing, ask for help. The more hands you have on deck on the day to set up, the more likely you are to check everything off your styling to-do list. The most important person to get in this category though, especially if you want mag-worthy shots, is a photographer. If you’re not that confident in taking your own pics, get a professional. There are a range of amazing event photographers available in every city and they’ll ensure you get gorgeous shots of every one of your party elements. And if you need a styled party setting in a few clicks, make sure you check out the themed Party Kits available from The Kit Source.

If you've had a mag-worthy party, let us know and we might feature it on our blog!

Featured Party Kit: Fluoro Floral Party Kit
Photos: Jess Dunn
Chocolates: Hey There Sugar
Article originally published on Life's Little Celebrations

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