Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Tips

Summer's almost here... the time when most Aussies dust off the esky, give the barbie a clean and start party planning!

Here's 5 quick tips to get yourself organised:

1. Spring clean
It's got it's name for a reason! If you're expecting guests over the warmer months, it's best to get the BIG clean done before the season begins. It means clearing out the garage or store room, or simply getting rid of any junk that's accumulated in common areas. This will also make the pre-party preparation more streamlined.

Spring cleaning tips for parties

2. Landscaping
The cooler months might have ruined your lawn, or your veggie patch might be overgrown (you might have killed everything like me). But after your spring clean, pay attention to outside, as it's where most of us prefer to do the entertaining. Create some clear areas for tables and chairs, or simply somewhere to drag out the BBQ.

Party tips for summer

3. Collect Recipes
Magazines, supermarkets and blogs are a great source of new ideas for the kitchen, especially when it comes to summer season product. See recipes you like? Save them for later in a safe spot, so when an impromptu party comes up, you've got something new to make.

Collect recipes for parties

4. Start Shopping
See a special at the shops or in a catalogue? Start foraging for savings now, it'll pay off in the long run. If that case of water bottles is half price and the leg of ham is on special, it'll definitely help the wallet by the time Christmas rolls in.

Shopping for party supplies and groceries

5. Space out your social events
With all of the different commitments we have, we're bound to have a number of festive celebrations popping up. If you're in charge of planning at least one of them, try to work out a schedule that doesn't have you attending (or cooking for) back-to-back celebrations, it'll save you lots of stress over the holiday period!

Christmas party hints and tips

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