Seven unique party themes for kids

Seven Unique Party Themes for Kids

If you need some inspiration for your child's next birthday party theme, then you've stumbled across the best list. Here we'll list our top ten themes for kids, some classic, some more adventurous; either way, you'll walk away with a host of party ideas for your next celebration.

Rainbow, Sprinkles or Confetti 
Being inspired by colours or patterns is one of the easiest (and highest impact) ways to theme a party. Licensed party supplies loaded with TV or movie characters are notoriously expensive and overdone, so choose a party colour palette that gives off the vibe you like. A rainbow might mean super bright red, yellow, pink, blue, while a confetti or sprinkles theme might mean more muted pastels. Both can be lots of fun to style, cook, and dress up for!

Done to death? Maybe. But there are a host of ways to make it different! Choose female superheroes only, get guests to come along as their own made up superheroes, have parents dress up as the villains, or simply choose a bold, pop-art style that strays from the usual scenario where an Iron Man image is plastered on every cup, plate and napkin in sight! (We call that 'theme vomit').

Superhero themed party

Camping or Glamping
These themes are gaining some serious traction in the party world - think blues and greens that represent nature, mixed with wooden accents like cutlery. I guess you could call this the kids' version of the 'rustic' party theme. Make-shift tents and camping style games are sure to be a hit with those imaginative and outdoorsy kids!

Space, astronauts or galaxy
With the resurgence of Star Wars themed parties, anything space related is bound to be popular. There are a HUGE collection of ideas for these sorts of themes, and some great activities to match. Decorate with stars, planets or spaceships, clear a room of obstacles sand have a glow-in-the-dark home base, or make this gorgeous galaxy glazed cake which is the perfect inspiration for your party supplies - black, purple, blue, silver - love it!

Galaxy mirror birthday cake ideas

Animal Jam, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Gardenscapes - some of the top grossing apps in the Kids and Games categories would make AMAZING party themes, and inspire great real life party games to match. Gardenscapes and Farm Heroes can get kids planting, Animal Jam can get kids dressing up and inventing animal characters, and candy crush could inspire a host of bright and colourful treats and games. Get imaginative and those games they can't tear themselves away from will definitely benefit you when it's party time!

Candy crush inspired party theme

Travel or City Theme
Your young ones may not have travelled the world yet, but they've undoubtedly learnt about a culture or place that they love through school. If they're into comics or sushi - then a Japan-themed party might be something they love. Or if they love history and the pyramids, then an Egyptian party would definitely be fun for decorations, dress ups and food!

Egyptian themed party

Flower Party
Inspired by the floral-crown and flower workshop style parties that are trending with hen's nights and baby showers, you could create a mini flower wonderland for your child. Visit the markets and purchase some bright and affordable flowers (think gerberas, snapdragons and carnations) and let the kids go wild filling plastic or paper cup 'vases' or making flower necklaces with string. Throw in some floral party supplies and you have a REALLY unique theme.

Flower crown making party for kids

So there you are, seven party themes that you won't see every day (or year)! If you've got a fantastic party theme that you've used, get in contact and we might feature it on the blog!! 

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