Scorching summer party tips

Scorching summer party tips

So Australia's been awarded the 'hottest place on earth' title for a few days now, and honestly I can't stand the heat!

For those of you with parties coming up, we've compiled quick list of tips (some of which we've shared with Mydeal) for staying cool and surviving entertaining in the heat:

Prep, for goodness sake!
It should go without saying, but I've been to too many a barbecue with the host sweating in the salad. Yes, prep it on the morning, beside the fan or in the air con, don't chop veggies when the guests are there, you're flustered and in serious need of a drink.

Take your seats
For those people who weren't blessed with the ability to gain energy from heat, hellfire weather means lethargy. Make sure everyone has a seat, preferably in the shade.

Summer sun party tips

Be prepared to spend (on energy bills)
If you've been caught out by a sudden 42 degree day, do be prepared to face the energy bill for your air conditioning or fans. Some summer-lovers will be fine to sit in sweltering heat, but do offer respite inside if you can. Be aware that the more people inside, the higher the air con must be, which will suck more energy.

Ice is your friend
Fill anything with ice, the laundry tub, the bath tub, the kids inflatable pool... be sure to pre-chill your drinks and make sure whichever vessel you're housing the ice in is clean- you might find guests using ice cubes to cool themselves off!

Summer sun party tips

Ok, you might not be able to change your party to another day (the new date might be even hotter!), but you can try to push back the party a few hours. If you're doing a 1pm start, try to start at 5 or 6 when the sun isn't as harsh. Sure, it might mean a later night but it will be more comfortable for everyone, including yourself!

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