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Say 'HELLO' to Party Kit Co.!

January 31, 2017

Introducing the Party Kit Company

Guess what? We've changed our name! You're now looking at the upgraded version of The Kit Source - we are now the PARTY KIT COMPANY!


We’re super excited about this re-brand, as it means we’re more focused than ever on being the only Australian store that is 100% devoted to styled and themed Party Kits. Now our name truly reflects what we do.

After the craziness of the holiday period we decided that 1st Feb was a nice date for a change. We’ve given ourselves a new name, new logo and new web address – www.partykit.co - new year, new us!!

So why did we do it? Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed we’ve had to explain what The Kit Source does. This isn’t just us though; our loyal customers, friends and family have always had to explain what we do to their friends and family as well. Honestly, it’s a bit of a hassle.

The Kit Source started out as exactly what its name suggests – a source for kits. We envisioned travel kits, housewarming kits, new puppy kits, etc., all in addition to Party Kits. We soon realised, however, that it was confusing to explain our product range, so we decided to focus on our area of expertise – parties and events! Obviously, we kept the name, The Kit Source.

Our new name, Party Kit Company, makes it so much easier for those searching for party supplies to discover us. No one really needs us to explain what we do anymore… the name speaks for itself! Party Kit Company = a company specialising in Party Kits (duh!).

The benefits don’t stop there though; we needed a refresh not only of the brand, but for us as well. We (Lel and Khai) are so incredibly excited about this new name and destination. It’s like we’ve hit the reset button, and are focused on some amazing new ways of simplifying your party planning experience.

2017 is going to be huge, we’re releasing a bunch of new kits, establishing more planning guides and tools, collaborating with some awesome party people and aiming to expand our reach so we can help people celebrate more often.

Our name may have changed but our objective and motto are the same: Party planning, simplified. We have a seriously strong belief that parties don’t have to be expensive, excessive or excruciating; so we’re definitely looking forward to a huge year pushing this message as the new and improved Party Kit Company.

Any comments, questions, or suggestions, don't hesitate to send them our way!

xx Lel and Khai

Khai and Lel from the Party Kit Company

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