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Party planning infographics - our top six to make party planning easy!

August 10, 2018

Party planning infographics - our top six to make party planning easy!

Infographics are visual presentations of information and convey some message with a design. They're usually packed full of info, in an attractive and digestible way. We all know that party planning can be tedious, but it's the most crucial part of hosting a successful celebration. Here we bring you six of the best party planning infographics for various types of parties.

1. Party Planning Checklist
The best way to make sure that nothing is missed in a party is having a checklist. This infographic is a great party planning checklist since it lists things to be done in a chronological order from one month prior to the day of the party. The shades are lively and will get you excited for the upcoming tasks.

Party planning checklist | Party planning guide online | Simple party | Party Kit Company Australia

2. Outdoor party
It is summer time and you are in the mood for an outdoor party. A super handy infographic for planning how much food, drinks and desserts you need for any size crowd, this guide is very informative since specific serving sizes are given. The colour combination with the beautiful icons of the graphic makes it visually pleasing. 

Party planning guide for backyard outside parties

3. Bachelorette party planning guide
Planning a bachelorette is not an easy duty and unlike birthday parties, mostly it is a first-time task for the girl in-charge. This simple, elegant and very helpful infographic gives a great planning timeline from three months to one day before the bachelorette party. 

Hen's party planning guide | Bachelorette party checklist | Party Kit Company Australia

4. Cocktail party
A cocktail party definitely has more to it than just cocktails. A quantity guide that includes everything from party supplies to appetizers, desserts and of course drinks, this infographic is as useful as it is vibrant with beautiful water-colour splash effect. 

Cocktail party planning guide | How to host a cocktail party

5. Party supplies
One of the most important things in a party are definitely party supplies. A simple, cute and effective way to keep in mind the essentials required for a nice birthday party, the 7 must have party supplies infographic is just so adorable. Bright, delightful colours and lovely depictions will take you back to your childhood.   

Party supplies essentials infographic | Party planning guide online Australia

6. Kids party planner
No matter the age of your child, planning a kid’s party is always a tough task. This infographic is a comprehensive planner for kids of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. It includes a guideline for venue, time, theme, guestlist, food and even some tips exclusively for each age group.  

Kids party planning worksheet | Party planning guide and checklist simple

If you've used a useful party planning infographic for one of your celebrations, let us know and we might just add it to the list :-)

Image Sources: pinterest.com, mychinet.com, partytrends.ca 

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