My 30th birthday party planning adventure: Week 3

My 30th birthday party planning adventure: Week 3

The party is getting close, only 3 three weeks left, so it's time to nut out the final details! 


It's often quoted that the one thing people remember about an event is the food. I'd have to agree - when someone asks you how great a wedding, party, or even conference is, there's always mention of the food.

Being centred around Nutella means dessert-type theme is sorted. But what about those who need some actual protein, rather than straight sugar? We tossed up between getting caterers of some sort to drop off platters (very pricey), cooking ourselves (too much stress), getting deli platters from Woolworths (good backup, but not substantial enough). In the end, we stumbled across KFC catering. People who know us, know we love fried chicken. It turns out fried chicken solves anything, including catering problems. So here's our menu:

Party menu planning for your 30th birthday party


The KFC solution was one way to keep it simple. For a little less cost, we could fry our own chicken, or cook something healthier. But in the interest of me being stress-free on the night, we've decided to keep it simple.

Other ways we're keeping it simple - treating it like a big, relaxed dinner party. Not going overboard on decorations (which also keeps costs down), only providing a couple of drinks and basic snacks, having one cake rather than a dessert bar, stating 'no gifts' on the invitation, and lastly, a great way to reduce stress and drama - I invited only a small group of people I actually like ;-)

Checklist to make sure you're still enjoying party planning


Outsourcing can cost a lot, but the benefit almost always outweighs the cost. If you have a talented friend who can help, even better. Here's what we're outsourcing:

Outsourcing for party planning - great party planning advive


Next, it's timeline time. Here's a little checklist with what we're completing and when. We're working to a shorter timeline, so had to amend a few things ;-)

Party planning timeline

Next time - THE PARTY!!! We'll cover the last two aspects of our awesome, free Party Planning Guide = enjoying yourself and evaluating :-)

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