My 30th birthday party planning adventure: Week 2

My 30th birthday party planning adventure: Week 2

Recipe: Nutella Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes *drool* (via Celebrating Sweets)

Party planning CAN be stressful, I've been doing it for years with varying degrees of anxiety. Once you get the hang of it though, each party becomes easier and easier.

This week I'm going to take you through the first couple of worksheets in our Party Planning Guide, an incredibly simple workbook that shows you how to plan for a party and reduce your stress levels. I have four weeks until the party, but that should be enough time to get everything done (in fact, we've thrown a bigger event in just two weeks!).


As mentioned last week, the theme is NUTELLA. Yes, Nutella. I started my brainstorm with a clean sheet of paper... no Pinterest, no Instagram, just plain ol' paper. Why? Sometimes the best ideas come from your brain, not from what other people are doing. I get inspired by smells, tastes, memories, etc., and it's best to let your creativity find its way. Here's my messy brainstorm:

Nutella Party 30th Birthday Theme Ideas

Next, I did a time-limited Pinterest session. I gave myself one hour only, as you could easily lose five, and the results are below. Funnily enough, there were a LOT of Nutella recipes, but I couldn't find much decoration inspiration:




My least favourite part of the process, but at least you get it done early. Having a solid party budget is the key to securing your sanity. I'm operating on a pretty tight budget - with most of the cost going to go on food and drink. So here's the worksheet with brief cost estimates:

Party planning on a budget


Another completely un-sexy party planning topic, but undoubtedly THE thing that sets apart an amateur party planner and a pro.

"Hope for the best, plan for the worst", this is our motto. It ensures you have all bases covered. Here's our contingency worksheet - pretty standard for a small house party:

Party planning contingencies for house parties

Next week: finalising the menu, roles, responsibilities and timelines! 



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