My 30th birthday party planning adventure: Week 1

February 22, 2017

Party planning help from Party Kit Company

To party or not to party, that is the question?

As I turn 30 next month, I've been torn between throwing a birthday party and just going to a pub or restaurant with a small bunch of friends.

I'm usually incredibly decisive, but as it involves celebrating MYSELF, the thought of a party is met with apprehension, doubt, and an overall 'can't be bothered' attitude. If I were throwing a party for anyone else, I would dive straight in with no second thoughts, but I'm not a fan of being the centre of attention, so there was some definite indecision here.

When it comes down to it, though, a good friend of mine said to me that I deserve to have a party and celebrate the way I want to (rather than keeping everyone else happy, which is always what I'm concerned about as an event manager!!). So, it's party time.... NUTELLA PARTY time!

Yep, you heard correctly, I'm having a somewhat ridiculous Nutella 30th birthday party theme, in honour of my one true, chocolate-hazelnutty love...

Nutella party theme ideas 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be detailing how I plan the party, using our super simple Party Planning Guide. This way I can show you how a party pro covers all bases, and how you can do the same using the guide.

First step = BRAINSTORM. I'll check back later in the week with the brainstorm done - the challenge will be ensuring I don't descend into a dark (chocolatey) Pinterest hole. 

Stay tuned, party people :-)


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