Nutella themed 30th birthday party dessert table

My 30th birthday party planning adventure: The Event!!

After doing a lot of preparation in the weeks beforehand, the final week before the party was spent cleaning the house, buying bits and pieces and assembling things like Nutella party garlands and DIY cake toppers.

It might sound like the last week before the party was easy, and it was fairly stress free, but when you do decide to DIY party decorations (simply because what you want either doesn't exist, or wouldn't arrive in time) your week will be jam-packed.

This is why we stress starting early and planning everything out as much as you can, so you're not stuck with any surprise late night garland making sessions.


Now almost a week after the party, I can confirm it all went by like a blur! Here are ALL the details:

Inspired by The House that Lars Built and Sisoo's balloon creations, I thought to myself, 'I can do that'. So I did. You can find the balloon arch tutorial here. I promise it was easy! I'm not a huge fan of DIY, cos I simply don't have the patience, but honestly, you can do it! Just be prepared to have slightly achy fingers that smell like latex (bleugh!).

Simple party balloon arch - see the tutorial!

I needed a place for the cake to sit, so this is why I did the balloon arch. I then thought the table might be a little bare with a cake and a balloon arch only, so thought about a little Nutella bar, where everyone could take home some cake and little treats for the ride home:

Nutella party dessert table with balloon arch

This is what it turned out like - apologies for the slightly blurry photo, but I was not thinking about taking photos on the night; I was eating, drinking and being MERRY!

I didn't just chuck the dessert table together though, I did plan it out earlier in the day. Here's a time-lapse for your enjoyment:

Nutella cake table setup from Party Kit Company on Vimeo.

I also hung up my little nutella jar cutouts strung on fishing line... they were super easy to prep, just a little time consuming (as with all DIY party decorations!).

Nutella party garlands - Nutella themed party decorations DIY

Being a wannabe florist, this category deserves a blog post of it's own. Here's a little guide to DIY party flowers! Disclaimer: DIY'ing your own floral centrepieces is pretty time intensive, but TOTALLY worth it!

DIY party flowers by Party Kit Company

I did a little research on pricing and ended up purchasing the makings of a grazing table/cheese platter at Woolworths. I used this awesome pin as reference, to plan out what cheeses to buy:

Then, I sneakily used blu-tak to stick four cheapass Ikea boards together, covered it in baking paper, then in kraft paper. Voila! A long, trendy cheeseboard #genius!

I was very lucky to have my good friend Lily offer to come by earlier to help set up the cheeseboard - she is a fellow cheese lover, so I trusted her completely. This is what she came up with! (Insert 'WOW' face here):

Party cheese board ideas from Party Kit Company

Then, the main meal!! Khai and I are massive KFC fans, and it turns out so were all of our guests! We ordered one of their mega catering packs via their website and saved about $77 as opposed to ordering things separately. We had some leftovers, but it was SO WORTH IT!! The chips were a little soggy, but damnnnn those wicked wings...

Fried chicken party catering in Sydney! KFC-lovers.

Our good friend Brooke from Hey There Sugar kindly offered her delicious, creative services to make a choc mud with Nutella filling and buttercream. Covered in beautiful flowers, gold speckle and Alcakemy macarons... it was truly a sight!! There were so many 'ooh's and 'aah's.Thanks Hey There Sugar, it was AMAZING! And there were leftovers for me to eat for days; it was the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

Nutella themed party cake from Hey There Sugar

A note about cakes: I watched Brooke meticulously decorate the cake and it truly reinforced my belief that 1. you should leave it to the professionals, and 2. that they cost a lot for a reason. You're not just paying for the ingredients, you're paying for the baker to bake, fill, ice and decorate, etc. It's worth every penny IMHO! 

Originally I was going to use the Black and White Party Kit, but when I locked in the colour scheme for my flowers and balloon arch, I decided to put together a Custom Kit (yes, we can do that for you, just ask!!). I went for the most crazy coloured things that we either had excess of, or had samples of... and this is what I ended up with! I have called it the Super-Fun-Colourful-30th-Party-Kit! Woohoo.

30th birthday party supplies from Party Kit Company

So there you go - that's the nuts and bolts of the party! We had an awesome time and it went by too darned quickly. I didn't get the chance to have a good chat with everyone, but I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves - thanks for coming!!

Be sure to check out how I made the balloon arch, how made the flower arrangements, and how I started the party planning adventure!

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