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It's the PKC Price Guarantee!

February 10, 2017

It's the PKC Price Guarantee!

We've done a bit of shopping around lately, 'recon', if you will... and we've noticed something: QUALITY PARTY SUPPLIES ARE EXPENSIVE! We've always aimed to keep our prices as low as we can, but prices do change quite a bit. Unfortunately, the party supply industry in Australia isn't huge, so we're often faced with costs associated with importing the goods to Australia AND the fluctuating exchange rate.

In light of this, we've decided to introduce the Party Kit Company Guarantee to make it easier for you to decide whether our themed Party Kits are better for your budget. It's a little visual that'll be introduced onto our product pages to give you a quick snapshot of how much the same party supplies would cost if you shopped somewhere else. Here's a peek of one for the Hello World Baby Shower Party Kit:

The Party Kit Company Price Guarantee

So why are we almost always cheaper than other stores? There's a number of reasons!

  1. Bundling saves you money - we purchase in bulk and can pass on the savings to you.
  2. We are real people too! We don't think party supplies should cost that much, especially if you have a number of mouths to feed, gifts to buy, or are simply have a tight budget (don't we all?).
  3. We're supportive of competition in the party industry; competitive pricing delivers more value to all of us!
  4. We want you to be able to afford more things to make your occasion memorable for the birthday boy or girl (or whomever you're throwing the party for). Whether it's entertainment, a fantastic cake or the ability to invite more friends - party supplies shouldn't break the bank.

So there you are, our PKC Guarantee. We're rolling it out across the site to ensure you really do get a picture of how much cash you can save with a Party Kit.

Now, just cos we're less expensive, it doesn't mean we skimp on quality. Be sure to check out our awesome 'Donut test' video on the blog: Why Buying Quality Party Supplies Matters.

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