How to relax after a hectic party season

How to relax after a hectic party season

You might have followed all of the party-planning rules and prepped yourself by buying a handy party kit, but at the end of Party Day (or Party Season) there's no doubt you'll be pooped! What do we do at The Kit Source to rejuvenate after a long day hosting or entertaining? Here's five top tips from Lel!

1. Pamper
I am addicted to the Sportsgirl coffee scrub. It's has the most delicious smell, it's actually tempting to sprinkle the scrub on some cupcakes! It leaves the skin all silky and lovely, too. I'm also a huge fan of doing my own mini-mani with my favourite Essie colours. A face mask will also do the trick for a pamper sesh - I love to try new masks from The Face Shop, so don't have a particular favourite.

How to pamper after a hectic party

2. Nourish
Feeling 'meh' after all the party food? Try the Crystal tea from Life of Cha. It's a GORGEOUS bright blue, high in antioxidants and promotes circulation. Adding on a bumper load of veg will also do the trick.
Nourish yourself after stressful party planning

3. Indulge
It might be contradictory to our tip above, but if you were absolutely run off your feed, and didn't get the chance to have a treat during the party, now's time to have that piece of cake (or two).
Yummy party food

4. Chill
Netflix, reading, playing with the dog. Whatever works, go for it! You might find that your whole body hurts from the running around - so make sure you take the time to relax.
Relax after hectic party planning

5. Sleep
This is the number one for recovery. So many people underestimate the healing power of sleep - a short nanna nap or a lovely long rest - either way it will work wonders!
Sleeping is the best way to recover after a party

What do you do to recover after a hectic party?

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