How to find the best party vendors, QUICKLY!

April 16, 2018

Find the best party supplies online in Australia

In my years working in event management, I've always been asked: “Where can I find vendors and suppliers I can trust?” To answer this frequently asked question, I’ll be sharing my tips on how to search for the best party vendors out there!


Ask your mother's group about recommendations for party supplies

One great way to find party decorations, catering services, or venue providers is by asking. Hit up your friends and family members, and ask for some recommendations, consult with your mother's group, fellow childcare mums, ask your fave Facebook communities and groups... they are bound to give you their favorite party vendors and unsolicited reviews.  


Searching party directories to find the best vendors

You can also try searching in directories! A directory is a list of companies that provide party supplies, food, and venue, among others. I recommend searching through a directory if you’re looking for party decorations for a unique party theme. There are many directories available - all with different a slightly different focus, like kids party suppliers, caterers, specific locations and finding venues (like this party venue finder) and some for specific locations. TIP: just because someone's logo looks pretty on these directories, it doesn't mean they're perfect for the job. I'd suggest finding some 'social proof' as well, which brings me to...


Use social media to find your party supplies online

Nowadays, every business, big or small, has a Facebook or Instagram page. Don't judge a business just by the prettiness of their pics and whether they have 100000+ followers. Photo stealing and follower buying is rampant in the party industry. So make sure you check that the supplier you're looking at has great looking images, but also positive comments or reviews on Facebook. TIP: Some social media pages have high ratings, but with few reviews. Choose one that has high ratings with many positive reviews. Have a good read of the positive AND negative reviews before making any decisions. 


If you’ve already found your party supplies here, but don’t know where to get the catering, the cake or the venue, don’t worry! You can always check out who your current vendors have partnered with previously. Stalk them on social media to find out who they've collaborated with, or just ask them who they'd recommend (here's our list of fabulous Party people). We've done a range of shoots with some fantastic party pro's - like the image below - and many other party suppliers have done the same!

Helping you find the best bakers, cake makers, party vendors and party supplies online Australia!
Got other tips on how to find good party vendors? Feel free to get in touch!

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