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How to avoid Hen's Party Drama!

July 06, 2017

How to avoid Hen's Party Drama!

Don't hate, but I have to admit it - Hen's (or Bachelorette) Parties can be a real drama to plan! There's so many expectations, from the bride, the bridesmaids, friends, long lost cousins. You might face problems with payments, decision-making, opinionated (or not so opinionated) individuals... but all is not lost!

Hen's parties all-in-all are a load of fun, they're a great chance to party hard (or relax) with your nearest and dearest. Whether you're after a wild night or something more chilled, I've put together a few top tips to make hens party planning go off without a hitch!

1. Ask the Bride-to-be
Obvious, maybe? But I'm sure many bridesmaids have gone ahead and booked strippers, party hummers or flower crown classes thinking the bride to be will love it. Maybe they will, but there's a few key things you need to ask before you can start planning... are they a chilled bride? Do they like to have an itinerary for their weekends? Are they adventurous? Creative? Be sure to tailor the event to your hen so she is comfortable and lets loose.

Black and white Hens party invitation
Hen's Party cake
Bride tribe temporary tattoo

2. Know that you can't please everyone
The main person to please here is the Bride-to-be. As an eager-to-please event planner, I often spend my whole time worrying about making sure everyone is having fun, that the activity isn't too expensive, or too cheap, that the music isn't too loud, or too soft, that vegans have something to eat, that those that don't drink don't feel left out, or simply that there's enough chairs for everyone. If that sounds like you... DIAL. IT. BACK. Know that you can't please everyone, and as long as the hen has fun, then everyone else should feed off that energy. 

Classy Hen's party activities
Hen's party supplies and simple canapes
Gold gem cake toppers

3. Be strict when it comes to cash
If something requires prepayment, get cash upfront, or politely inform the guest they can't participate. Unfortunately, as the hens party planner, you can't be everyone's BFF. It's an important event and the cost should be shared amongst all attending, though the bride doesn't usually chip in. Try to organise a couple of activities, at least one that costs less - you can't expect everyone to have $400 in spare disposable income for a 5-star Hunter Valley wine tour. Don't get snippy if someone can't afford to come, but if they say they'll pay you later, we strict as you don't want to be out of pocket.

Elegant bridal sash by Whimsy Chuffed
Hen's party scavenger hunt game
Gold and white party supplies

4. Get help
If you have a friend that's great at chocolate/cocktail/cake/flower crown making, then get them to do their thing - it'll add to the experience. If you're simply stuck on a theme or need some activities to get you started, check out our Classy Black and Gold Party Kit and matching bridal sash, 'bride tribe' tattoos and games from the amazing Whimsy Chuffed! They're perfect for a sophisticated bride-to-be, for a boozy brunch, pre-drinks or a cocktail party style event. Think of the kit as your 'Party Planner in a Box' to get the Hen's party going. And the accessories are the icing on the cake to save you any hen's party drama!

Hen's parties are a load of fun, but don't underestimate the amount of planning required to pull off such an event. Remember, if you ever need any party planning advice, get in contact, we're here to help!

Photos thanks to Party Affairs!

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