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Seven stress saving party tips

October 17, 2015

Seven stress saving party tips

Throwing a party isn't as stressful as it seems, as long as you follow these useful tips!

1. Set clear boundaries
'Go big or go home' might be the mantra of party planning professionals (with endless budgets to match), but for the rest of us, having a budget is part of everyday life. Do your research on how much things may cost, or ask some friends or family, either way, set that budget and stick to it!

2. Plan, rigidly
Once those boundaries are set, plan out everything. Yep, including what you'll wear on the day, what you can shop for ahead of time, etc. Develop a schedule for the days or weeks before, noting things that you might have to order or pick up. 
Person planning a party

3. Limit numbers
The amount of people you have running around your house/backyard/local park will make a BIG difference on your stress levels. Things will quickly get out of hand if you haven't thought ahead, so be smart when writing up your guest list. Check out our post Who to invite to your kids birthday party for some more tips.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help
You will surely have some friends or family that want nothing to do with party planning, but there will be others who love it. A party is a great time for people to get creative, so if you've got a cousin who loves to bake, or a sister who loves to DIY, enlist their help to take some of  the stress away from you.

5. Outsource 
If you don't have any friends or family around to help, then outsource! So many vendors are available online; you can get invitations customised on Etsy, cake pops ordered and delivered, buy your party supplies online, and you can even book your party entertainer. Don't try to do it all yourself, the day is about celebrating not stressing! And, after the party, if the cleaning gets out of hand, try Airtasker.
Baking a chocolate birthday cake

6. Do a joint party
If your child has a close friend or family member who's birthday's in the same month or week, consider a joint party. Not only will it help split the costs, it'll help split the stress. It may be a little difficult to coordinate tasks with another parent, but if you're clear about that budget then you can pull it off quite easily!

7. Squeeze in some 'you' time
After all of the planning, baking, making and decorating that's going to be done, you really need to make sure you have some time to de-stress. Whatever your chosen form of relaxation is, whether it's playing sport, chilling out with friends or sitting in front of the TV, make sure you plan it in to that schedule!
Chill out with some reading time

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