Where to get great party ideas

December 04, 2016

Where to get great party ideas

There are so many sources of inspiration out there... when I'm dreaming up a new Party Kit, sometimes I just pluck things out of my brain, but at other times I need a bit of inspiration. Here are some of my favorite party idea resources:

This is an obvious one; Pinterest is the event planners dream when it comes to inspiration. But it can easily become overwhelming and result in indecision. When you’ve created your party board, cull it down to a maximum of three ideas per item, e.g. three cakes, three table settings, three costumes, three canapé ideas, etc. This will make it so much easier to make decisions. Control yourself, and it will pay off.
Pinterest ecard
Image: Pinterest can be evil (source: lolcoaster.org)

Interior decoration magazines and websites
Trends generally flow through from apparel, to interiors, then to events and partyware. Draw inspiration from things that are happening in interiors, and you’ll be sure you’re on top of the party related trends. Remember how chevron pillows were (and still are in some places) the height of trendiness? Did you see how that translated into chevron partyware? Try to draw your inspiration from other sources, not just the parties everyone's doing. 

Image: Inspiration behind our High Tea Kit, coming soon! (Source: elledecor.com)

Business events
Corporate events usually have a huge budget and an impact to match. This doesn't mean you can't be inspired by these events and downscale for your own party. My personal favourite is BizBash - it's heavy on images and details and also has great event planning resources.

Image: A Wizard of Oz inspired corporate picnic (Source: bizbash.com)

This may be another obvious one, but it can often be overlooked. Sure, there's trees and butterflies that could inspire a forest party, but try to think outside the box. Our Safari Kit came from Khai's love of lions, our Outdoor Party Kit came from having a picnic and seeing bark on ground - we thought, 'wouldn't that make an awesome serving platter?'... Inspiration strikes at random moments!

Image: Lions were the inspiration for our Safari Party Kit!

Think back to your childhood... to movies, activities or specific moments that you enjoyed. These memories provide a great starting point to a new party theme. I've posted previously about my love of ballet as a kid - and this might inspire a future Kit, who knows?

If you've got any other sources of party inspiration, let me know!

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