Classy versus Cheesy - tips to style your party foods

Classy versus Cheesy - tips to style your party foods

Let's face it, we can't all have private chefs and food stylists for every party - so take note of these few tips, to up your party dish game!

Serving platters
If you've been watching Masterchef like me, you'll notice that every second dish is served up either on a fancy slice of log or a slate tile. Take a tip from the pros (or amateurs) and make your party food stand out with a top-notch platter.

Chocolate log dessert
Image: The famous chocolate log (on a log) from Masterchef Australia

Fancy substitutes
Coon on jatz or Gorgonzola Dolce on a fancy cracker - which one do you think is the classier combo? There is a time and a place for Coon though...


Name your dish
Seared Angus beef patty on a gourmet sourdough roll with exotic artisanal mustard... Or a McWhatever. You get the drift - if you give your dish a fancy name, it'll get a fancy reputation to match.

Don't forget the garnish
Never underestimate the power of a sprig of parsley or that carefully drizzled circle of sauce. Presentation is everything, after all.

Seared scallops with floral garnish
Image: Another beautifully presented dish from Masterchef

Unexpected ways to serve dishes
Putting fries in little paper cones, or putting cakes in push-pops. Make your guests go 'ooh' at that little bit of extra effort.

Caprese salad cones
Image: Beautifully presented canape cones from BizBash

Come on, you know anything that's edible that's in a mini form, makes it just that bit tastier. Check out these beautiful mini naked cakes, or even mini spaghetti and meatball! YUM

Mini naked cakesMini spaghetti and meatballs
Images: Leyara Cakes; Bridal Guide

Do you have any tips for making your party foods more classy? If so, let me know!

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