I hate being ripped off!

July 19, 2015

I hate being ripped off!

Have you ever been to a store, or saw something online that you loved, only to gasp when you saw the price? Yep, this has happened to me too, repeatedly.

Pricing for us isn't too much of a science, we look at our costs, we look at standard markups, but there's one difference here... the 'gut feeling'. I always ask myself, 'Would I pay that much?'. If I see a product that I think is ridiculously priced - I get angry. And it wouldn't be good for my inner zen if I was angry at the price of our own products.

So, one rainy afternoon, I decided to put together the costs of the EXACT same products that were in the Pink and Gold Party Kit, if I were to purchase them from a handful of Australia's leading online party stores, you know, just out of curiosity. Once I'd finished, I was very, very angry.

Why was I so angry? Were they providing such discounted party supplies that a small business like us had no way to compete? Nope! I felt as if they were robbing their customers. I couldn't believe it. I actually had a massive rant to Khai, got very red faced and had to make myself a cup of tea to calm the f*** down. 

I always shop around before taking out my credit card!

I love online shopping. Always have, always will. But I can't stand being ripped off - I will always take a look at where else I can buy something before taking out my wallet or logging into PayPal. Party supplies are no different as the trend is toward higher-quality, unique, less 'cheap' supplies... the two dollar store just doesn't cut it anymore!!

So what do you do? You shop around! If at one place something is $100 and at the next place it's $50, you guessed it, the place that charges $100 is dead to me (yes, I'm being dramatic).

'But you need to support small business!'
'Running an online store is expensive!'
'You get what you pay for!'

Yes, I agree 100% with all of the above, but when I know the cost price of a product and see that someone is marking it up by ridiculous amounts, I don't feel bad for the store that has super-high overheads, I have a pit in my stomach on behalf of the customer. They could have spent those extra few (or more) dollars on something they may think is more worthwhile.

What's the outcome of this rant? Well, for many of our more exclusive Kits, we've added these little banners to show you the savings:

These aren't numbers we've pulled out of nowhere. I've actually found exact products or the closest possible substitutes to what's in our Kits. Feel free to do a bit of research and do the same if you're still on the fence about whether bundling into Kits actually saves you cash.

When Khai and I started this business, we did it to help people out. We're not in it to make millions, cos honestly, money doesn't buy happiness. At this humble little store, happiness buys our happiness - if we can save you guys some time, some cash and as a result have a great celebration, we really have achieved something.

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