5 Winter party tips to stay warm

5 Winter party tips to stay warm

It’s officially winter! To some, this might mean the party season is over, but to those celebrating birthdays in the colder months – the party must go on! Here are a few simple tips to stay warm for winter time celebrations.

1. Get the heat going
This may seem obvious, but whether your party’s inside or outside, heaters are a must! Many outdoor or hardware stores, and even shops like Aldi have outdoor heaters for very affordable prices. The great thing about investing in an outdoor heater? Sunday afternoon BBQ’s are no longer a summer-only activity! As always, take care using these things around the kids!

2. Bring the outside in
If your theme’s more conducive to the outdoors, bring a little of it indoors. Elements of forest, jungle, or beachy themes can be brought inside using hanging decorations, plants (real or fake), artificial turf and wall cutouts. Fairy lights indoors also create a lovely mood... Get creative!

3. Stay inside
The cold and windy backyard might be off-limits for some activities, but this doesn’t mean they’re just as good indoors. Treasure hunts and party games can still go on, but they’ll require a little more planning. Put away any precious or breakable items, and close or lock off any areas that you don’t want party guests straying to. Get the games started and you won’t even realise you’re not outside.

4. Get active
Games, games, games! Get those guests moving and you won’t need any heating. Musical chairs, or games that involve dancing are great; keep the kids moving and no one will freeze their little butt off.

5. Focus on the food
Try to serve as many hearty, warm, party foods as possible. This may seem like a feat, but take advantage of the oven, slow cooker, and any other appliances you might have. Rather than chips and dip as snacks, try for something warm like mini-quiches or savoury muffins, kept warm in the oven. Pulled beef sliders, homemade sausage rolls, and even little boxes of noodles are great, hot party foods. And don't stop there - warm, wintery puddings make excellent party desserts!

Do you have any other ideas for keeping warm during winter parties??

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