7 elements for a successful party

7 elements for a successful party

There’s only seven things you need to have a successful party! It’s up to you the degree of time/effort/cash you put into each element, but we can guarantee a good time if you’ve got the following covered.

Obvious? Maybe. Make sure you think about who you’re inviting. Consult the birthday boy or girl before you go and invite the whole class – they might have a smaller group of friends they’d love to celebrate with instead.

You don’t have to enlist a gold license caterer – but making sure you’ve got snacks, a meal and dessert (usually cake). This formula also works for ‘grown-up’ events! Keep it simple, but make sure you have more than what you think you’ll need. Hungry people aren’t happy people.

This is an absolute must. It’s up to you what type of cake you have and how much it costs, but we believe the best types of cakes are baked at home (like these ones), and even better if the birthday boy or girl gets involved!

Sometimes we all crave silence, but at a party, it would be a little strange. If you’re not up to date on the latest music, use something like Spotify, Rdio or Pandora – some of which have parental controls. If in doubt, there’s always those compilation CDs that you can purchase, with all of the latest hits!

Party Supplies 
You definitely don’t want to risk using your fancy china with a crowd of young’uns. Grab some party supplies that complement your theme, making sure to get enough for your guests, plus a few more – you’ll undoubtedly need a few extra napkins to mop up a spilled drink!

You don’t have to go ‘all-out’ here, but decorations really help with the festive atmosphere. Not sure what to get, we’ve got a bunch of Decorator Kits that could help you out. If in doubt, balloons, balloons, BALLOONS!

Speaking of balloons, use them for games! Check out our list of fun games for kids’ parties and make sure everyone’s having fun!

We think the above list covers the essentials - can you think of anything else that a party can't go on without? 

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