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5 myths about party supplies

May 20, 2015

5 myths about party supplies

Cheap? Nasty? Boring? Flimsy? Waste of money? None of the above! We're debunking 5 common myths about party supplies - we think you'll be surprised!

That they have to be used for food
Yes, those plates can be hung from the ceiling, used as Frisbees or form a part of a craft project. Don’t be afraid to think creatively with your leftover party supplies. Sure, once you’ve eaten off it, it probably can’t be used again. But if you’ve got leftover supplies or some of those funky tissue paper decorations – re-use them! They’re great for decorating the kids’ rooms.

Check out the plates from our Fancy Party Kit! (Image: Pinterest)

That they have to be cheap
The trend towards boutique, bespoke and personalised party supplies means that party supplies aren’t necessarily cheap, nor do they have to look ‘cheap’. Don’t be afraid to stray from the usual last minute ‘I’ll just get it at the dollar store’ attitude… look for items that are fun, sturdy and complement your theme. In this industry, you definitely get what you pay for – a few extra bucks might mean less broken plastic forks and more happy guests.

Stay away from the boring, flimsy white plates!

That they have to be boring
It’s well known that we HATE ‘flimsy white plates’ here at The Kit Source. Don’t succumb to the boring supermarket offerings; go for something different, it’ll definitely pay off! Those plates, cups and napkins are every bit as part of your theme as the giant balloons or bunting – make sure they count.

That they’re the last thing you buy
Traditionally, you’ll grab invitations, favours and decorations, focus on the food and cake, then go and grab the plates, cups, etc. Not anymore – those party supplies are a very important part of the theme. They are often decoration in themselves, so make sure you think about them early on in your planning process.

That they have to be ‘matchy-matchy’
Thinking of getting pink chevron napkins, on pink chevron plates, with a side of pink chevron cups? Nope, that isn’t how it’s done anymore! If finding coordinating (read: not over the top) items isn’t your thing, or causes too much stress, we love making subtle pairings, playing with patterns and using complementary colours. Be sure to check out our Kits to get a fully-styled party supply pack for your next party. Easy, huh?

Don't overdo it! Choose complimentary colours and patterns.

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