TWO great new Kids' Party Themes!

TWO great new Kids' Party Themes!

You might not have heard much from us lately, but that's because we've been VERY busy behind the scenes. Not only did we plan Khai's Mum's Surprise Party in two weeks, we've been gathering bits and pieces from the USA, UK, India, China and Australia to put in our brand new Party Kits!

I mentioned yesterday the Superhero Party Kit... but we've got two more great themes that I'm sure will please even the pickiest of birthday boys and girls:

Pastel Pink and Gold Party Kit
You know we're not into tacky, cheap-looking party supplies, so I was instantly drawn to the sophisticated, gold-foiled, plates that ended up in this Kit. By pairing these with matching napkins, and gold and pink accents, you've got a chic and feminine party theme. The great thing about this Kit is that it could suit a number of ages and occasions; I could imagine it being used for a young one's Pink Princess Party, as well as a Sweet 16 celebration, or even a classy Hen's gathering! Check it out now - and don't forget, there's a matching Decorator Kit available, too!

Dinosaur Party Kit
I'm usually the one to get the ball rolling on new Kits, but Khai was the catalyst here. He spotted these plates and thought they would be great for a new kids' Party Kit - and he was right. By matching the cute cartoon plates and cups with mega bright lime green and turquoise, you've got an eye-catching theme suitable for young boys or girls! Take a look now, we've got a Party Kit and coordinating Decorator Kit.

We're always on the look-out for new Kit ideas - at the moment they're overflowing - but if you can think of a Kit you just have to have... let us know, go on! 


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