How we organised my Mum's Surprise Birthday Party in two weeks!

April 27, 2015

How we organised my Mum's Surprise Birthday Party in two weeks!

One surprised and happy Mum!

After missing out on my Mum's 60th Birthday in 2014 due to living in Berkeley, USA - we decided to throw her a surprise party to make up for it. The crazy part is we did it all within two weeks. This includes everything from organising a venue, making the birthday cake, inviting friends and family and everything else in between. We wanted to show how a party can be organised in a short amount of time and if we could do it in two weeks, it can definitely be done with more time. Additionally, we wanted to prove that having a "simple" party doesn't compromise how special you make the birthday person feel on the day!

I don't actually remember the last time we had a "birthday party" for my Mum. She's not really into those things as she doesn't like the attention. The aim of the day was to make her to feel appreciated and more importantly, LOVED!! As mentioned, we kept it fairly simple. We invited close family and friends, provided food, drinks and made a birthday cake. To make it more memorable, we created a photo wall highlighting all the different stages of her life! The trickiest part of it all was trying to keep it a secret from her, she's very inquisitive and likes to know what's going on. All. The. Time!

Highlights video:
Surprise Birthday Party for Khai's Mum

As promised, here's a video of the Surprise Birthday Party we organised for Khai's Mum. We did it all within two weeks using the Kits we stock!Black and White Party Kit - Black and White Decorator Kit - and Pearls Cake Kit -

Posted by The Kit Source on Sunday, 26 April 2015


Below is the breakdown of what was involved in organising the party. Don't forget to check out the videos we posted over the two weeks discussing our party planning experience. 


  • Hire of Bill Lovelee Youth Centre, Chester Hill - $224 

Food and drink

  • Snacks: ham & cheese scrolls, vegetarian samosas, vegetarian prawn balls & pretzels - $90
  • Lunch: stir fried noodles with char siu pork, Banh Cuon (rice noodle rolls with mince pork & mushroom) & vegetarian summer rolls - supplies by Aunties.
  • Cake: Paper and Pearls Cake Kit - $85
    • I'll write about my cake making experience in a separate post!
  • Drinks: water, lemonade, pepsi - $40
  • Total cost: $215

Party supplies and decorations


Venue: Bill Lovelee Youth Centre, Chester Hill

Table setup and Birthday Cake (made by yours truly)

Photo Wall: by far the most popular, after my Mum of course!

Party supplies and decorations from The Kit Source


Below are videos we posted over the two weeks we organised the surprise party. It covers the different aspects of party planning and provides insight into why and how certain decisions were made. Remember when planning a party to keep it simple and be decisive! Indecision is what causes the most stress... It was our first time making video blogs and was pretty fun, so we might do it again for future topics!

Video 1

Day 1 of Surprise Party Planning Challenge

We're organising a #SURPRISE Birthday Party for Khai's Mum. Follow us over the next two weeks to see how we plan the #Party! This is the first video of our Surprise Party Planning Challenge.

Posted by The Kit Source on Sunday, 29 March 2015


Video 2

Video #2 of Planning Surprise Birthday Party for Khai's Mum

Video #2 of planning Khai's Mum's SURPRISE Birthday Party! Check it out to find out what we decided on guest list, venue, party supplies and decoration and the LIE...

Posted by The Kit Source on Thursday, 2 April 2015


Video 3

Over the long weekend, we continued planning for Khai's Mum's Surprise Birthday Party. Only 4 days to go! Check it out!

Posted by The Kit Source on Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Video 4

Day of Surprise Birthday Party

Today is the day of Khai's Mum's Surprise Birthday Party. Final video covering what we've done for the last few days! WOOOO!

Posted by The Kit Source on Saturday, 11 April 2015


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