7 Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

7 Fun Games For Kids Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are exciting occasions where parents go out of their way to ensure that the decoration and the food is just right. However, being kids, those young guests can get bored easily and will need a constant source of stimulation. Below, we've put together a list of 7 fun games for kids birthday parties that will only require a few materials (if any!):

Red Rover
This active game involves dividing the children into two different teams and ensuring that they line up about 10 metres apart. Standing side by side and holding hands, with the two teams facing each other, teams take turns calling out 'red rover, red rover send [child's name] right over!". The chosen child has to run and attempt to pass through the joined hands. If she/he succeeds and passes through the linked hands, that child gets to pick someone and take them back to their team (making their team's line longer). If they do not pass through the joined hands, they must join the team they tried to pass through. The team with the most players at the end wins. For a quick run through, check out this clip from about.com:

Simon says
You might have played this when you were at school, but it's a game that does not get old. Its especially fun if you include a wide range of activities. They children must simply do what "Simon says", e.g. pat stomach, jump, dance, shake head, roll over. If any child does a command without the saying "Simon says, then he/she is out. Simple, but guaranteed to get everyone involved.

Blind man bluff
This game involves blind folding a player and spinning them around while at the same time players find places. After the third spin, no player is allowed to move. The 'blind man' is tasked with trying to find out the players who are not allowed to move their position but can simply turn about and try to avoid being caught. After coming across a player, the 'blind man' attempts to figure out who the person is by touching their face. When identified correctly the person becomes the blind man.

Scavenger hunt
Hide a number of plastic toys or favours around your yard, keeping a list of what you've hidden. Divide the children into teams and let them go scavenging, trying to find as many items on the list that you can. To make sure the game doesn't go on forever, set a time limit. The team that located the most items in the allocated time wins a prize. It's a great game for team building! 

Pass the parcel
Nope, this game never gets old (in fact, we played it at Christmas time). Get enough toys, treats or activities for at least one per child, and wrap each gift around itself. At the end, you should have one large parcel ready. Have the children sit in a circle and instruct them to pass the parcel around the circle until you stop the music. The child that the music stops on gets to unwrap one layer. Repeat this process until everyone's had a chance to unwrap a layer. Typically, the last item in the parcel is something pretty great! Oh, and why not put some creative things in there; card games, art supplies, etc.?

Pop some useful things in your 'Pass the Parcel', to encourage creativity!

Balloon ping pong

Balloons are a high impact and cost effective form of decorating, but they also make great games! Construct ping pong paddles out of paper plates and rulers, then divide the children into teams. The aim is to keep the balloon off the ground for as long as possible!

(What's the time) Mr. Wolf!
To cap it off, here's another classic kids' game. Get your young guests to stand in a straight line, at least 15 steps away from you. Next, Mr. Wolf (probably yourself to begin with) turns to the opposite direction. The children are to yell out 'What's the time Mr. Wolf'?! You then have to yell out a time (hour), and whatever time it is, they have to take that many steps forward toward you and stay where they are. The process is repeated until Mr Wolf decides to shout 'Dinner Time!', when Mr Wolf turns around and tries to tag someone, if they succeed, the person tagged becomes Mr Wolf!

If you've got any other classic kids' games - let us know!

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