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Who to invite to your kid's birthday party

November 26, 2016

Who to invite to your kid's birthday party

Party season is seemingly never-ending when you have kids, and unfortunately, there's always a little stress involved with each and every party. Especially when you're  the one organising the party, and get to sending out the invitations...

Who to invite to your child's birthday party?

After finalising your budget, you may realise that you’ll only be able to accommodate 20 people (both parents and kids), to your child’s birthday party. But then, the list keeps getting longer and longer and nothing can stop it. Many parents will agree this is the biggest challenge, since they don’t want to be rude to anyone. Here, we outline some of the methods smart parents have used successfully. 

Take a deep breath and just make that list
It’s not as easy as it sounds, but you still have to do it. The best way to approach this is to list the names of everyone you would have invited, if you won the lottery or had all the space in the world. Then, use the elimination method to remove names based on fair criteria. 

Have a mixture of close friends, family members, your kid’s best friends at school (if any), your co-workers, etc. This way, you’re sure that the invitation is not one-sided, and everyone has been duly represented. 

Best friends are a must
Birthdays are an opportunity for people to socialise, unwind and solidify friendship bonds. If you want your child to have a solid friend base, you have to invite his or her best friend(s) to the party. This is not negotiable. Kids who might have naturally created a bond should be nurtured. These friendships can get hurt or permanently damaged if their best friend’s name is not on the guest list. 

Best friends are a must (human or pet!!)

Take advantage of the two-party trick
If you have a large family or group of friends, cutting down on who to invite to your kid's birthday party may become a challenge. But you can employ the two-party trick by inviting over some friends and relatives for cake, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon, so that the main party is a little bit smaller. 

Large party = large amounts of food required!

Never invite the whole class
If your child is fairly young, and all of their classmates are doing it, then you may have to break this rule - but just once. The absolutely overwhelming experience of inviting the whole class will probably turn you off for many years to come! Also, try not to send invitations through your child. Not only may invitations get lost, they may question you on why this or that person is not invited - definitely a challenge. Track mailing addresses and try to inform parents that the party is for a small group. You can also inform parents by calling or sending emails so they can prepare for the event. 

Group methods 
You can cut down on the population by going for the group method. Maybe invite only the kids in his/her dance, music, or sporting group. An invitation sent only to members of the soccer team will reduce numbers, and those who are not part of the team can't really complain. 

A soccer party with just the soccer team? This will definitely limit your invite list.

Children may want everybody there, but everybody is not always the best. In fact, a crowded party can turn out to be more stressful and exhausting than joyful, both for yourself and your child. Teach your children the essence of party etiquette, so they know not everyone can be invited. Avoid talking about birthday party issues in the presence of uninvited parents and peers, so as not to breed hurt feelings. No matter what, it can turn out to be a sensitive situation, but hopefully, armed with the few tricks above, the experience will be positive for everyone involved!

What about you, do you have any tried-and-tested methods to ensure no ones gets offended?

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