The Story of My Addiction - PLUS great places to shop!

The Story of My Addiction - PLUS great places to shop!

Just another day at the office!

I’ve always liked shopping, but never loved it. I’ve got a 60 minute threshold for shopping in person, then I get bored or overwhelmed and need a snack/nap/timeout. This is why I LOVE online shopping. I’ve posted about the Good, Bad and Ugly of online shopping before, but here I’m going to let you in on some of my absolute FAVOURITE online stores that get my repeat business! But first, the backstory.

The beginning of an addiction:
Back in 2009, I travelled to the States for the first time and was absolutely blown away. The range! The prices! Even groceries were interesting to me. When I returned home with double the luggage I left with, I had also doubled my determination to never settle for ill-fitting, overpriced, Australian offerings. Oh how impossible that was! And unfortunately, it still hasn’t changed dramatically. Sigh.

So, I had been converted to online shopping. Places like Forever 21, Macy’s, Sephora, etc. weren’t as common knowledge as they are now, and I thought I hit a jackpot being able to shop online (though I had to be sneaky with places like Sephora, using Hop-Shop-Go and the like).

An Aussie Mall vs. a US Mall. (Images: Canberra Times / Flickr)

Expanding my horizons:
The stores I mentioned above were just the beginning, I was always on the lookout for new stores that had reasonable shipping to Australia, but sometimes, those shipping rates weren’t worth it ($30 shipping for 20 items from F21 was worth it back in the day – but now they’ve changed their shipping rates AND many of their fashions are a bit skimpy for me AND they’re now in Australia – go figure).

I then turned my focus to the UK, our dollar was pretty good and I found some pretty good quality stuff in styles I actually liked, from places like Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Marks & Spencer. Don’t even mention places like Sleek Makeup and eChemist for cosmetics. Shipping from the UK was also more cost effective, I don’t know why.

My new love - UK high street brands (Image: Wikipedia)

In dreamland:
We’ve harped on about it enough, but you probably know by now that we lived in California for a  while last year. And you know what that meant? A US address! We had no income really, so I didn’t go nuts until the last couple of weeks, but I made some purchases from places like H&M, Sephora, MAC, Amazon, Zappos, Target, Modcloth, Discount Dance Supply… I even did our grocery shopping online, as we didn’t have a car.

Westfield San Francisco - love! (Image: sfexaminer)

The cooldown:
All this shopping from the US meant we didn’t really need anything till we got home. I was a bit shopped out and truly had everything I needed (plus stuff I didn’t). Also, starting a business costs cash you know? So I kept my selfish purchases to a minimum. Though that didn’t last long…

My addiction reimagined:
I’m back at it again, but shopping for you! Yep, being the ‘Chief Kit Curator’ (or ‘Kit Source-erer’ as I like to call myself), means I get to shop online for awesome party supplies. It’s fun, creative and has a purpose! I’ve always loved giving gifts and it’s almost like I get to shop for gifts AS MY JOB – how cool is that? So I might not be cured, but I get to use my addiction in a productive way.

My new addiction - buying party supplies!

Favourite stores and purchases:
I’ve mentioned a few above, but here’s a list of some places I can vouch for:

Clothes and Shoes:

Dorothy Perkins – great for party dresses, cute tops
New Look – I shop here for cheap tees, shoes and accessories.
Marks and Spencer – two words: cheap underwear. Decent bras for the curvaceous woman.
House of Fraser – found my Freya brassieres here for half what you’d pay in Australia *shakes fist at Myer*
Figleaves – UK lingerie, swimwear. Gosh they package their stuff nicely.
The Iconic – the most decent player in Oz. Though I don’t really like the sizing of their Zalora brand.
Asos – not bad if you need something in a hurry.


eChemist – I get my Vichy foundation here and some random LaRoche Posay stuff, too.
Luxola – Just discovered this new Singaporean site, they always have offers/sales. And they sell Sleek Makeup.
Mac – yep, the Australian store. Rip off. But I love their ‘False Lash’ mascara.
MyHairCare – I got my GhD, Parlux hairdryer and curling iron here, not to mention the hundreds I’ve spent on haircare.
StrawberryNet – Good for the occasional Clinique purchase or perfume.

Other stuff:
Top3 – Well designed gifts
Etsy – lovely handmade gifts, great craft supplies, and excellent random things like laptop decals!
Coles/Woolies – Yep, shop online and save you time! I get Coles Click and Collect when I can.
Amazon or eBay – Got a great deal on Real Techniques brushes, random bits and pieces – just watch out for Amazon’s shipping!

I want, nay, need to know… do you have any recommendations – I love discovering new places to shop!

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