Tools to organise your life

February 08, 2015

Tools to organise your life

It's a new year, it's time to get organised. OK, it's February, but it's just too hectic to get organised in January, isn't it?

I bought a 'day to a page' calendar pad with two objectives: 1) I thought it'd be a great way to do daily 'to-do' lists, and 2) cos it looked cool. Well, as I tore off half of January in one go, I realised it was a big mistake.

Starting a business involves a heck of a lot of organising, so here are some of the tools to help get your life organised - whether it's for work or home!

Asana (asana.com)
More suited to business needs, Asana lets you manage a number of projects, assign tasks, set due dates and organise your priorities. It takes a little bit of setting up, but once it's up and running, it makes it very simple to add notes, attachments and even to communicate with colleagues. Asana was set up in an effort to minimise email, and I have to say, it has worked for Khai and I. We've been using Asana from the beginning and it ensures we keep on top of the overwhelming amount of tasks at hand.

Evernote (evernote.com)
This is like a notebook on crack. Sign in on all of your devices and you can save things to read, add clippings, pictures, etc. Organised into 'notebooks', it's a simple way to keep all of the things you want to keep for later, for later. I know some event managers use Evernote by creating a notebook for each event, and saving all their sketches, contracts, run sheets and resources in that notebook. Pretty smart idea! You could do this with each of your 'projects', whether it be related to recipes, fitness, kids' activities, business ideas - anything! The web clipper tool is also great for when you're browsing and need to come back to things.

Pinterest: (pinterest.com)
If you don't know about Pinterest, where have you been? A digital pinboard platform, Pinterest actually drives a HUGE percentage of online business. People see your stuff, they pin it, their friends pin it... I actually love using it to plan out complimentary items for our Kits - recipes, decorations, etc. It's a huge source of 'pinspiration'. I consider Pinterest as one of the more 'productive' social media platforms, allowing you to collate ideas into interest areas - but you can just as easily waste hours on here as what you could on Facebook! (I love it!)

Doodle Poll (doodle.com)
Trying to organise an event, but you're playing tug-of-war with dates, times or activities? Set up a doodle poll, pop in your availabilities, send the link to others and they can nominate a time that suits. There are a few other platforms for this sort of thing, e.g. assstant.to, but I'm yet to try them out. Doodle poll is also great for those groups of friends who can never decide what to do or where to go - you can pop in options like "BBQ at the park" or "Canoeing at the lake", etc. and make people choose their favourite!

Siri (on your Iphone)
"Hey Siri, can you set up a reminder to .... at 3pm today?" or "Add bacon to the shopping list". Simple. I'm sure the non-Apple users have a similar alternative! These tools are in the palm of your hands, use them!

Dropbox (dropbox.com)
Dropbox, if you're listening, if you crash, we won't know what to do with ourselves! Most computers come with enough storage space for a general home user, but if you have hundreds-upon-hundreds of failed product photos that you might just need one day (even just to look back on and laugh), Dropbox is the only place to store them. There are alternatives, like box.com and apparently Microsoft Office has something similar - many with free storage limits - but I'm a simple gal, I like everything in one spot so it can be found easily. There are some great things about Dropbox, e.g. it's on my phone, ipad AND Khai has access too... but my favourite feature is that you can access it like a regular folder from your desktop, without having to log in. Gone are the days of USB drives and heaven forbid, emailing something to yourself!

Lastpass (lastpass.com)
This one is Khai's new love. We all have a trillion different accounts and passwords and usernames and emails. You can use Lastpass (free on your computer, but paid on your devices), to securely store all of your user data. I'm still a little skeptical about this, because I like to access things from my phone (and if I haven't typed my password in weeks, I'm more likely to forget it).


So there you have it, a pretty extensive list of techie tools to get your #%[email protected] together... please let me know if I've missed any - I'm always looking for ways to get organised!

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