Top five tips to avoid common party mistakes

Top five tips to avoid common party mistakes

Guests you don't want there? It might get messy! (Image: Acid Girls)

The other day, someone was telling me about their friend’s wedding in May. As a bit of a ‘wedding junkie’, I asked her about the details… “ooh what’s her dress like? Where’s the ceremony? Etc.”… only to discover that nothing has been planned. That’s right, nothing! My heart stopped for a moment, as I'm well aware of the time, effort and cash involved in planning a wedding, even a small one!

So, for all of you out there planning some sort of event, big or small, take a few minutes to read the tips below. I guarantee that it’ll save you some unnecessary stress!

  1. Plan early

    I know, it sounds obvious. But honestly, even the smallest, cheapest, most ‘thrown together’ event requires some sort of planning. Break it all down into tasks and tick them off. Some might see me as an obsessive planner, but honestly, I just want to enjoy myself on the day. All that hard work planning means there’s actually a hope I’ll get time to relax and have fun with my friends/family. Didn't plan? You’ll be rushing around gathering essentials on the day and miss out on the fun you should be having.

    You can never have enough time to plan.
  1. Be prepared to outlay some cash

    I'm not talking $10000 on a kids birthday (it happens). Even a pack of frozen party pies and sausage rolls cost something. I'm a huge fan of DIY and any way to save some cash, but some things, you just have to spend money on. I am eternally angry at the wedding industry and their penchant for price hiking, but there are plenty of resources out there to get more bang for your buck. Spend a little extra time planning and you’ll definitely save those extra dollars.
    Party pies, a delicious party food that will definitely please everyone.
    Even trusty party pies and sausage rolls will cost you a few dollars. (Image: Pixabay)
  1. Get more than you need

    Get more of everything. Seriously. Get more food, drink, decorations, games/prizes/favours, etc. There’s nothing worse than a kid missing out on a lolly bag or a wedding guest going hungry! I have learnt this the hard way, as I have a bit of a tendency to under-purchase certain things for the sake for a couple of bucks… I'm working through my issues, let’s hope my next event is abundant in everything!

    Always over-cater and have leftovers later. Yes, even fairy bread! (Image:
  1. Invite who YOU want

    I'm getting a bit old to worry about whether someone will get upset with me for not inviting them to something. Seriously, just invite who you want. OK, there are exceptions (e.g. obligatory family members, reciprocal invites for past weddings you've attended), but in general, think about who you most want to spend the day with. If you’re positive a certain someone will constantly annoy you or judge you on the day, exclude them. If it’s for your child and they’re school age, make sure you ask them what they want – you might need to make an executive decision and invite everyone, but at least they've had a say. (Read more: Who to invite to your kid's birthday party)

    It's YOUR day! Invite people who will add to the occasion.
  1. Expect things to F*#% up!

    If you think everything will go perfectly, no matter how obsessively you've planned, just let go of that idea NOW. I planned the heck out of our wedding, but, as an event coordinator, I knew that something wouldn't go right. And I was right, stuff went wrong. I didn't beat myself up about it though, as I’d planned what I could, and the other things were beyond my control. Learn to get over things quickly and you’ll enjoy your event much, much more!

    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. (Image:

What about you? Have you made any major party mistakes? Would love to hear how you overcame them, so we can add them to the list!

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