Lel: 14 reasons 2014 was awesome!

January 05, 2015

Lel: 14 reasons 2014 was awesome!

In the midst of setting goals for 2015, we thought it best to reflect on the year that was. 2014 was definitely an amazing year... let's hope 2015 tops it!
  1. Got to live in (or close to) my dream city. San Francisco has always been special to me, like a dream land with awesome houses and the Tanner family. After living there for a few months, I'm glad to say the magic wasn't lost and I'd return there in a blink.
  2. Met some amazing and interesting people. I'm eternally grateful for meeting a huge bunch of wonderful, interesting people from around the world... Some of which will definitely be life long friends!
  3. Went to the gym, consistently. It's no secret, I don't gym. But I fell in love with some of the cardio and yoga classes at Cal Sports, sometimes going up to 6 times a week - WTF!?! (I mostly did this to offset my Ben and Jerry's consumption.)
    Ben and Jerry's Core. YUM
  4. Learnt to live in a pretty rank apartment. I've had a pretty sheltered and comfortable upbringing, but in Berkeley, things were a bit dodgy compared to what I was used to AND our apartment was pretty gross and tiny. BUT we survived, made the most of it and now I'm proud to say I'm a bit more adaptable.
  5. Coming up with The Kit Source. When the idea first came to mind, it opened our minds to the possibilities that the project could bring. We were truly excited about it, but the biggest hurdle was follow through...
  6. Actually following through and launching The Kit Source. I've never been prouder of Khai and I for getting off our asses and making it happen. I always knew we were destined for something pretty awesome, and this is just the beginning.
  7. Completing a course with SF School of Floral Design. Those who know me will attest to the fact that I love flowers and decorating, and it goes hand in hand with my events background. It also gave me an excuse to get into the city and wander around, sometimes through some shady parts of the city with bunches of blooms in hand.
  8. Travelling to Event Solutions. I've travelled to conferences for work before, but this one was purely for myself. I learnt so much, met some kickass event professionals and got to explore some 'behind the scenes' places in Vegas.
  9. Rediscovered Ballet. I was ballet obsessed for years before I hit puberty and quit cos of a nasty teacher. Now, at the young age of 27, I've decided to say "&@*% you" to that teacher and start ballet again (it only took me 15 years). Hopefully I'll be pirouetting en pointe in no time. I might write a blog on this later... stay tuned. (Read more: You're never too old to start something new)
  10. Amazing food. The best thing about travel = food, and boy, did we eat some awesome things. Standouts include some southern delights in Berkeley, Doughnuts in Philly, Hot dogs in Chicago and... oh gosh I don't know. #Foodporn for sure!
  11. Visited some fantastic places. I can't even begin to describe the beautiful places we visited in 2014. All I can say is that the US is a truly dynamic and wonderful country for travellers; sights such as the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountains are absolutely awe-inspiring. 
  12. Quality time with Khai. What can I say? He's a pretty awesome person to spend time with... I spent lots of time laughing my butt off in 2014, and it was almost always cos of Khai.
  13. Got some concrete directions for the future. There's nothing more satisfying than having an "AHA!" moment, realising that you're finally on your way to a rewarding career. I absolutely love all the things I get to do with The Kit Source, and I hope it continues as a career.
  14. Gained confidence in my abilities. I've always had a bit of a complex about speaking up, never thinking I had any true 'expertise' in any area. Working on The Kit Source has made me realise that this simply ain't true, and I do have some pretty useful skills.

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