Our 10 Favourite Movies from Childhood

December 23, 2014

Our 10 Favourite Movies from Childhood

Toy Story

A Goofy Movie: This movie kinda inspired me to dance...

After watching Home Alone last night with Lel, I wanted to know what her other favourite movies were from childhood. As a result, we have this neat list of movies you can watch alone to remind you what life was like as a child or why not watch it with friends or your kids? I'm sure some of them would appreciate this feel-good bunch of movies! There's also heaps of life lessons to be learned!


 Lel's Favourite

1/ Home Alone (1990) - perfect feel-good Christmas movies                   


    2/ Little Rascals (1994) - cutest kids movie ever


      3/ The Addam's Family (1991) - such a great theme song!

        4/ Toy Story (1995) - one of the best animated films of our time

          5/ Aladdin (1992) - I love love stories

          6/ Clueless (1995) - encapsulates the 90's teenager

          7/ Wayne's World (1992) - party time, excellent

          8/ Mrs Doubtfire (1993) - one of Robin William's best performances

          9/ Casper (1995) - probably watched this 10 times in a week as a kid

          10/ Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) - one word: hilarious!


            Khai's Favourites

            1/ The Land Before Time (1988) - discovered dinosaurs because of this movie 

            2/ A Goofy Movie (1995) - inspired me to dance!

            3/ Toy Story (1995) - gotta treat your toys right...

            4/ Space Jam (1996) - I have "secret stuff" whenever I need it!

            5/ Aladdin (1992) - I love that love transcends $$$

            6/ The Mask (1994) - crazy, entertaining, great dancing!

            7/ Mrs Doubtfire (1993) - this was just a fantastic movie - go Robin Williams!

            8/ Jurassic Park (1993) - Loved/scared of dinosaurs but still mostly love

            9/ Men in Black (1997) - discovered aliens and Will Smith!

            10/ The Mighty Ducks (1992) - anyone can be successful!

            Lion King (1994) - 

              Honourable mentions:

              Richie Rich (1994) - who wouldn't want a roller coaster in their backyard?

              Hook (1991) - belief, optimism and team work!


              If there's any movies below you think we should watch, comment below!

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