Our Christmas Menu - simple, cost effective, delicious

December 23, 2014

Our Christmas Menu - simple, cost effective, delicious

Image: rosettastone.co.uk

This year, we did Christmas early.

In years gone by, we celebrated on Christmas Eve. Until about the age of 16, I thought this was because it was a Dutch tradition - I felt somewhat connected to my Mother's Mother's motherland. But, that fateful Christmas Eve about ten years ago, my grandmother told me that we celebrated on Christmas Eve, simply because they didn't want to get up early on Christmas Day to do the gift giving. Glass shattered. It was never the same again.

Nevertheless, we've always done Christmas a little earlier than most. Dutch Christmas, St Nicholas' Day, is actually on the 5th December and they celebrate with some pretty awesome (and sometimes strange) traditions - like leaving carrots in shoes for Santa and gifting chocolate letters. This year, we celebrated the week before Christmas. Avoiding the crowds, the last minute rush for prawns, and the tug-of-war between which family to spend the day with.

So, seeing that our celebration's over and done with, I thought I'd share with you our Christmas menu for a dose of last minute inspiration. It's pretty simple and relatively cost-effective as a number of things were purchased at Costco (how can you say no to a $10 pavlova for 20 people?!?).

I've mentioned in a previous post that my mum and I always intend to do a big Dutch feast - but of course when you take the weather into account, deep-fried, winter-heavy dishes don't necessarily suit our Christmas style. So here it is...


  • Cheese. Cheese and Cheese. Brie, Maasdam, Cheddar. Accompanied by the crunchiest of Bagel Chips. Yum.
  • Corn chips and salsa
  • Water crackers and Peppersweet and Feta dip (this is amazing, trust us!)

Images: bbc.co.uk, woolworths.com.au


  • Pulled pork, sliced ham, Spanish jamon, smoked salmon, roast turkey, cocktail prawns
  • Jenny's famous home made potato salad, balsamic salad with apple and pine nuts, sesame noodle cabbage salad
  • Fresh rolls 

Images: bbc.co.uk/food, taste.com.au


  • Pavlova (what is Christmas without pavlova?!)
  • Malteser slice
  • Red velvet cake
  • Fresh mango and watermelon

Images: bakeplaysmile.com, womansday.com.au


  • Sangria (recipe here)
  • The usual array of soft drinks, beer and wine

Aussie Christmas is known for being simple and not too heavy, though there were some serious food comas following the pav. Having a range of dishes means everyone can eat, no matter their preferences.You can probably tell that this feast wasn't quite worthy of a magazine spread. But that's not really what Christmas is about, is it? Keep it simple, and make as much ahead of time as you can, as it's all about sitting around and enjoying the feast with your friends and family!




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