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Quickfire: 5 things you didn't know about Khai and Lel

by Khai The Kit Source November 30, 2014

Quickfire: 5 things you didn't know about Khai and Lel

It's been three months since The Kit Source went online and we thought we'd have a Quickfire session where you get to know us a little better. Lel and I are approaching our two year wedding anniversary and quite proud that we've managed to work together on this business without killing each other!

Lately, all we seem to talk about is The Kit Source, so we decided to take a mini break and talk about ourselves instead! We're gonna aim to do this every few months and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we'll try to answer next time. 

1/ Favourite subject in High School?
Lel: Ancient History. Ancient Egyptian history is mind blowing and I've always loved it.

Khai: Modern History. I loved the subject and I had a great teacher who brought it to life. I was fascinated to learn how the world became the way it did.

2/ First car ever owned?
Lel: 1998 Silver Toyota Corolla

Khai: 2000 Silver Nissan Pulsar - part owned with my Brother

3/ Full time study or work?
Lel: Study, as long as it’s something i’m passionate about…

Khai: Definitely work! I don't mind studying and learning new things, but I prefer to act on what I learn!

4/ Top 3 travel destinations?
Lel: San Francisco, USA - Great food and scenery. This place was the setting for my favourite childhood TV show: Full House.

Barcelona, Spain - Where we got engaged so lots of good memories (not to mention the food and architecture)

Abu Simbel, Egypt - The most amazing and awe-inspiring landmark I've ever visited.

Khai: Chicago, USA - I loved the feeling of the city, the skyline, the history and of course the food! Deep dish pizza!!

Barcelona, Spain - Lots of good memories here, mainly because it was the City where I popped the question to Lel. Also the home to FC Barcelona and one of my favourite players: Lionel Messi.

Yellowstone, USA - The landscape was amazing, there was a feeling of purity due the heavy snowfall. It was great to see so many animals in the natural habitat and how secluded we felt from the modern world.

5/ 3 favourite dishes?

Lel: Buttermilk southern fried chicken at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen in Berkeley, California USA.

- Prawn and Chorizo Paella from a restaurant near Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

- Chicken Penang Curry from our local Thai restaurant - Pla Two in Enfield, NSW Australia.

Khai: Nem Nuong Summer Rolls from Quan Nem Nuong Hoa in Sacramento, USA

- Fennel sausage and pancetta pasta from Puntino Trattoria in Woolloomooloo, NSW Australia.

- Furikake pan seared ahi tuna from Nico's Pier 38 in Honolulu, Hawaii USA

That's just a few things about us you may not have known! Basically, we love food, travel and living a good life but isn't that what most people want? We're pretty chilled and just want to keep enjoying our lives.

We started The Kit Source with the intention of getting people to celebrate life more often. With the advent of social media, sometimes we think it's not necessary to "catch up" in reality. However, we still need the physical interaction with our family and friends and there's no better way to catch up than over some food and drink at your house. So organise a BBQ/Party ASAP and invite all those you haven't seen for a while!

Read: 'Celebrating: Any excuse will do'

Leave a comment below, it's super easy!

Khai The Kit Source
Khai The Kit Source


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