The Ultimate Sydney Pork Roll Review

November 20, 2014

The Ultimate Sydney Pork Roll Review

Want to know which Sydney Bread shop has the best Vietnamese Pork Rolls?

Everyone has a 'favourite' shop for a Vietnamese Pork Roll in Sydney. My friends were more than happy to share their local spots and I made a list of the 8 shops that were suggested. After the unexpected interest of my last blog: "Five places to eat the Best Pho in Sydney", I wanted to make sure this review did not take as long.

How we did the review

Short clip showing what was involved on the day

  • Each person brought 4 rolls from their allocated shop. Two Classic Pork Rolls and Two Nem Nuong Pork Rolls if available.
  • Ate and reviewed together
  • Each person sampled half a roll from one shop at a time
  • The order of the Pork Rolls was not known
  • We recorded the scores on my 'state of the art' review forms.

Each person was given a different style of plate. If you like them, they're available from our online Party Store.

Group Photo for Blog Review
Meet the Reviewers! What a happy bunch of people!

Pork Roll Review Criteria

1. Bread - Crucial element to any good Pork Roll. At the end of the day, this is their bread and butter, so they better be making them right!

2. Meat - The quality of the meat is integral to a tasty Pork roll and we can't forget about the quantity either, the right portion served is imperative to a good taste!

3. Salad - Vietnamese cuisine love the balancing act when it comes to flavour and taste. Is the texture right? Will there be enough salad or too much? And does it taste fresh?

4. Pate - The creme de la creme will not only have the right amount but also the right texture and taste. 

5. Overall impression - We're looking at how it was presented, quality of the Pork Roll as a unit and the sensation it leaves in our mouths!

Scores are averaged from all 8 reviewers. Individual scores are revealed at the end of the Blog.


8/ Bay Ngo, Bankstown

Address: Shop 49 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown NSW 2200 - from $3.50

Bread – 48% - Bread tasted stale. Definitely not as crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside like others.
Meat – 65% - Moderately tasty but could be due to fattier bits of meat. 
Salad – 50% - Bit stingy on the salad and carrots were lacking flavour.
Pate – 55% - Taste was not that apparent and was a little hard to find.
Overall – 50% - Not that appealing, ingredients need more flavour and definitely need fresher bread! Khai: "It reminds me of an underdone subway sandwich..."

TOTAL Score – 54%


Nem Nuong
Bread – 33% - Looks a little pale and was definitely stale!
Meat – 70% - Meat tastes good but a little on the sweet and dry side.
Salad – 60% - Standard salad provided but not enough was in the roll.
Pate – 68% - Nice flavour but was a little lumpy
Overall – 53% - The bread was a major factor in receiving a lower score and ingredients were a little on the stingy side. Dee: "Tasted old and dry. Not enough of everything."

TOTAL Score – 57%


7/ Viet Hoa, Cabramatta

Address: 48 Hill St, Cabramatta NSW 2166 - from $3

Bread – 58% - Bread tasted OK, crunchy on the outside but too dry on the inside.
Meat – 80% - Had a decent amount of meat and tasted quite nice.
Salad – 65% - Reasonable taste but could've used with a little more salad - looked bare. Cucumber was fairly chunky compared to others.
Pate – 83% - Highly rated Pate. Great taste and had the right amount on it!
Overall – 70% - Flavours in this roll were very nice. Some people complained about amount of ingredients though. John: "Despite it appearing small in size, the sauce was good and overall flavour is good."

TOTAL Score – 71%


Nem Nuong
Bread – 58% - Too much white as seen above and too soft.
Meat – 53% - Meat was average and lacking a bite in flavour.
Salad – 55% - Insufficient amount of salad. 
Pate – N/A
Overall – 53% - Flavour was leaning on the sweet side and needed a better ratio (as in more ingredients). Liam: "A pork roll for dessert".

TOTAL Score – 54%


6/ Hong Ha, Mascot

Address: 1151 Botany Road, Mascot NSW 2020 - from $5


Bread – 81% - Great texture and taste. A little on the big side, making it harder to get a good solid bite!
Meat – 58% - Good taste but not enough compared to the salad.
Salad – 71% - Too much carrot which overshadowed the other flavours.
Pate – 50% - Was hard to find, probably because it lacked it flavour and not enough provided.
Overall – 69% - Bread was really nice but ratio can be better. John: "Well balanced with meat and salad, had lovely sauce."

TOTAL Score – 66%


5/ Great Aunty Three, Enmore

Address: 115 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW 2042 - from $7Great Aunty Three put a twist on the Vietnamese Pork Roll

Pork Crackling
Bread – 69% - Moved away from the traditional and provided a soft wholemeal roll. Tasted "healthier" and was different, most expected and wanted more crunch!
Meat – 80% - Well regarded due to good flavour. Served Pork crackling which had some great textures, especially the crunchy part. 
Salad – 65% - Different. Had the standard plus fried onion, apple and pumpkin seeds.
Pate – 50% - Most said they could hardly taste it, plus there wasn't enough of it. 
Overall – 69% - New combinations and a big twist on the traditional Vietnamese Pork Rolls. People still liked the taste and most said it had a "healthier" feel to it. Keagan: "A roll with pork, not a pork roll"

TOTAL Score – 67%

4/ Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville

Address: 236a Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 - from $4Marrickville Pork Roll is popular every day

Bread – 64% - Signs of crispiness but dry inside. Airy and lacking substance.
Meat – 68% - Lots of meat provided and the taste was ok, nothing sensational.
Salad – 65% - Onion flavour are little overpowering, otherwise great portions. Daikon was good!
Pate – 66% - Was reasonable in taste but there wasn't enough for it to stand out.
Overall – 66% - Needed more sauce, especially when you're providing more meat otherwise, it ends up a little dry. John: "The sauce was sweet and nice but the salad/vegetables were a little too chunky."

TOTAL Score – 69%
*Note: Nem Nuong Pork Rolls are available here but we did not review them on the day.


3/ Nam Fong, Bankstown

Address: Shop 54 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown NSW 2200 - from $3.50Love these crunchy rolls from Bankstown

Bread – 65% - Had a good amount of crunch to it! A softer inside would have increased the score.
Meat – 73% - Yummy flavour and not as fatty as some others.
Salad – 73% - Good amount of salad provided, the flavours went well together. 
Pate – 68% - Nice taste with that creamy texture. People wanted a little more of this good stuff!
Overall – 70% - Presented nicely and tasted good. Mary: "Good flavours. Some chewy bits of meat and carrot needed more pickling".

TOTAL Score – 70%

 Vietnamese Pork Rolls from Bankstown

Nem Nuong
Bread – 85% - Loved the crunch!
Meat – 63% - Decent flavour but unfortunately a little bit dry.
Salad – 68% - Nice pickled carrots but needed more salad to counter the extra meat.
Pate – 80% - Great taste and creamy!
Overall – 78% - Quite a good roll! Extra sauce needed as lubricant. Dee: "Strong tasting pate."

TOTAL Score – 75%


2/ Kim Thanh, Cabramatta 

Address: 215 Railway Parade, Cabramatta NSW 2166 - from $3.50Kim Thanh has highly regarded Pork Rolls

Bread –70% - Not the crunchiest bread but had good texture.
Meat – 73% - Good amount of meat and tasted better than most.
Salad – 75% - Pretty good overall. A little bit more of cucumber would have been appreciated.
Pate – 85% - Yummy pate, hence the high marks. You can even see it in the photo!
Overall – 80% - Pate was definitely the X-factor which boosted the flavour of the roll. If the bread was better, it may have rated as the best. Ray: "Good traditional combination of flavours. Bread is a let down."

2nd best from our review of Pork Rolls

TOTAL Score – 77%

Nem Nuong
Bread – 80% - A little bit crunchier would have been nice otherwise it tasted good.
Meat – 83% - Meat had awesome flavour and quantity was ideal.
Salad – 70% - Required more to balance with the meat. 
Pate – N/A
Overall – 73% - Liam: "A little on the sweet side. Needed a little more soy/fish sauce." Otherwise, a great tasting Vietnamese Pork Roll!

TOTAL Score – 76%


1/ Vinata’s Hot Bread

Address: Shop 13-14 Cabramatta Pl, 1 Hughes Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166
- from $3.50

Best Vietnamese Pork Rolls belong to this Cabramtta bread shop

Bread – 58% - Somewhat disappointing compared to the other areas which it excelled. Lacking the crunch...
Meat – 95% - Easily the best tasting meat, scored the highest!
Salad – 93% - Very well organised with good proportions and outstanding pickles!
Pate – 75% - Tasted good but there wasn't enough of it!
Overall – 93% - Not hard to see why it scored best. The Pork Roll from Cabramatta looked absolutely delicious and a deserved Winner. If they improve the quality of the Bread, will anyone be able to match them? Mary: "Aside from the bread, brilliant!"

TOTAL Score – 83%

Best Pork Rolls in town are from Vinata's in Cabramatta

Nem Nuong
Bread – 60% - Too soft and chewy, needed to be crispier especially with Nem Nuong.
Meat – 98% - Fantastic, lovely, awesome flavour! Was truly loved by us.
Salad – 83% - Good ratio which made it taste awesome. Although, a few didn't appreciate the long stick of spring onion...
Pate – N/A
Overall – 83% - If they did improve their bread, it wouldn't do any harm to their score! Vinata's Hot Bread is a dual winner in this review, taking out both the Classic and Nem Nuong Pork Rolls. Once again, the bread was a let down but sometimes it's the inside that counts. 

TOTAL Score – 81%


Looks like the Best Pork Rolls in Sydney can be found in Cabramatta!

I hope you enjoyed the review as it was an epic effort from the team! We managed to eat from all 8 shops in one sitting and everybody was full to the brim! It was a fantastic experience and we had heaps of laughs! On a side note, I thought I'd be sick of pork rolls but craved them again after about three days. 

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Individual scores from Reviewers

Summary from individual scores

Quick Recap

1st Vinata's Hot Bread, Cabramatta
2nd Kim Thanh, Cabramatta
3rd Nam Fong, Bankstown
4th Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville
5th Great Aunty Three, Enmore
6th Hong Ha, Mascot
7th Viet Hoa, Cabramatta
8th Bay Ngo, Bankstown

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6 Responses


November 28, 2014

Everyone should try Nguyen Hot Bread on Canley Vale Rd, Canley Vale… The variety is ample & outstanding mention is the pork cracklings. The line up outside reminds me of Ivy pool on Saturday nights! Lol


November 27, 2014

Best pork roll for us at Top Ryde bakers House at Top Ryde shopping centre.


November 27, 2014



November 26, 2014

happy snack in flemington for me is hands down the best in Sydney.


November 21, 2014

King’s at Hurstville make a good pork roll


November 21, 2014

Nope!! The BEEEEEST pork rolls are at Jason
Kings Bakery in Harris Park by faaaar!!

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