Important Party Planning Dilemma: DIY or Outsource?

by Khai The Kit Source November 05, 2014

Important Party Planning Dilemma: DIY or Outsource?

There’s one golden rule I live by when deciding to DIY – can I do it, and do it well?

Back when I was planning our wedding in early 2012, I was determined as ever to be a DIY bride. I wanted to do the invites, table numbers, flowers, menus, favours, seating chart, do my own makeup, make accessories and have my dress custom made, the list goes on… It wasn’t about saving cash as much as me wanting to inject a little of my (and Khai’s) style into the event. The aim of all brides nowadays is to have a truly personalised and unique wedding, isn’t it?

So off I went and started on my list. I began designing invitations, ordering cardstock from random companies, vinyl lettering off eBay, sourced cheap table number holders, favour box samples, went to the flower market, and sought out vases. I found deals on Vistaprint and started designing my heart out, but finally got a bit of a shock (wake-up call?) when I thought about actually making the invitations. Invitations are one of those tricky things that obviously have to be individually addressed, and when you are inviting around 200 people to an event, you’re going to get pretty darned tired of writing, gluing, sticking and posting!

It was about 6 months out at this time and I was over my head, I knew that I just had to let go of some things. The flowers were an obvious choice (honestly, I’m not sure my heart was ever set on doing my own flowers – really, who’s gonna be fiddling with corsages in the days leading up to their wedding?). Next, makeup – I didn’t have the right products to last all day and I have pasty skin that only a professional could colour match, plus I could show her a picture of Scarlett Johansson and let her do her magic. Next, decorations – well, I was never planning on DIY-ing tablecloths or anything, but I thought I wanted more input until I met the decorators (who were so much fun, I wish I could work with them every day). And finally, the dress. I decided not to put my fashion-designer cousin-in-law through the stress of working with me, and bought a dress on a bit of a whim, a mere 5.5 months before the wedding. Note: This is my only regret about the wedding, I wish I spent more time shopping for dresses!

After all this, what did that leave on my list? Invitations, table numbers, seating cards, menus and favours. Hmm… I see a theme… all printing and crafty tasks! Here’s where I realised what I was good at, and what things I should leave to the professionals. To this day, I live by this mantra: concentrate on what you’re good at and leave the rest to the professionals.

With The Kit Source, you’ll see this as well. Our Kits are made up of a range of items, from suppliers the world over – but you’ll also see little DIY touches, whether it be the wrapping, or graphic design elements. I think that’s what helps make this little business truly unique, we’re curating the best from the professionals and injecting some personal touches.

And as for your party? Well, our Kits are designed to help you take some of the stress out of party planning, but they also leave you with some room for personalisation; that's what makes a party memorable and fun!

Tell me, are there some things you love to DIY, and others you wouldn’t even attempt?

PS: For those of you who are in the midst of wedding planning, here’s a little list of who we chose and who we’d highly recommend:

Decorations - Decorations by Jelena
Makeup - Miss Moss Makeup
Photography - Vincent Lai
Flowers - Blooms and Scents
Favours - Koyal Wholesale
Beauty – Beauty by Rachael-Lee
Misc other items – Etsy

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 We DIY'ed our own entertainment - check out the performance!

(wider video angle)

 Video below: Closer view with better video quality

Khai The Kit Source
Khai The Kit Source


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