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Multitasking is Evil

October 22, 2014

Multitasking is Evil

I'm realising that being a Wonder Woman multi-tasker isn't such a great thing.

In my day job, you're constantly responding to emails and phone calls and people stopping by asking for things… all while trying to focus on whatever task is on your screen at that moment. It's just plain frustrating, especially when you clock off and feel like you’ve achieved nothing for the day.

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Imagine you're watching one of your favourite TV shows (e.g. Buffy) and your friend calls. So you hit pause. You have a bit of a chat, all good. But then, unpause... Wait, where was I? You have to back track in your mind to what last happened with Buffy and the Scooby gang.

Check out this awesome infographic to help get your mornings back!

I read an article the other day that stated that when you're interrupted from a task, it will take around 10 minutes to find where you were and pick up where you left off. Granted, I'm guilty of doing this to Khai, BUT he's different; rather than pausing the FIFA match, he just 'listens' to me drone on while he continues playing (I think he actually ignores me).

See, neither of these options are good. You're either:

  1. interrupted and take forever to get back on track, or
  2. you don't give the interruption your full attention and therefore don't absorb what said interruption was saying.

Multitasking is detrimental to work flow - when you multitask there is no flow, it's just a whole bunch of rocks getting in the way of the river. And, as it turns out from a recent study {LINK}, it makes you act like a bit of a b**** (in my case). See, I’m a little hormonal at the moment, but I couldn’t help getting a bit annoyed last night when Khai asked me to upload Kit photos for Facebook. I was in the zone, working my creative magic to Photoshop some friends into a picture (non-work related task, obviously).

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So, what to do? Learn to focus. This is not easily done, and I'm sure finding it hard. For The Kit Source, because of the mega-brain-exploding amount of ideas flying between us, I'm trying to keep lists; trying to stay on task; trying to keep my mind quiet while I focus. I've even said to Khai on a few occasions to hold on to his ideas and let me have them when I'm not doing anything else. This is a challenge for Khai, as he’s an ‘ideas man’.

Trying to focus when running a small business is difficult, but when you and your business partner are constantly in ‘revise and improve’ mode, distractions are inevitable. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that new ideas and improvements won’t happen with our brains scattered on too many tasks; or put simply, ‘if you can't focus, that thought-baby isn't coming out’. Hehehe love it.

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