Online Shopping - the good, the bad and the ugly

Online Shopping - the good, the bad and the ugly

Are you one of those people who shops for everything online? I pretty much do! From groceries to gifts for granny, I've got a favourite online store for almost anything. But as with most things, there's the good and the bad (and of course, the U-G-L-Y).

The Good
Obviously, the ability to shop wherever you are and whenever you like is a massive plus for me. Those who work 9-5 and have a busy weekend schedule often find late night shopping the only option. If you're like me and find late night shopping insufferable due to the crowds, then online shopping is your saviour. I often find myself shopping on a lunch break, on the bus, or even while working out!

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Two-step suspense
A term I cleverly coined about a minute ago, 'two-step suspense’ refers to the double satisfaction you get, firstly when you purchase items from your shopping cart, then when they arrive at your door. Some might see this as a bad thing, as they have to wait between purchase and possession, but not me- I love taking the time to shop online, then that extra excitement of arriving home seeing packages on your doorstep. 

Customer service
This is a highly subjective topic, but I truly believe you get better service from some online support services than what you do in store. Speaking from experience as an ex- retail sales assistant, some shop assistants just don't give a @#$% about you and whether that top comes in your size. We've all had nice experiences, but encounters with snobby, rude, dismissive or lazy staff makes me appreciate the simple email customer service from many online stores.

With the relatively small Aussie population, and us all being so spread out, the retail options here are quite pathetic. Yes, we have been/will be getting some of the big guns from overseas (Zara, H&M, Sephora, etc.) but there’s the tendency to have the exact same stores in every single shopping centre! It won’t be long before it’s “same same”. Shop online, the possibilities are endless.

Hate to admit it, but this is me, every paycheck! Image: Someecards/Pinterest

The Bad

That whole not having to go to the shop thing is a good and a bad thing... Getting out of the house and going to the shop at least gets you off your butt. I mean, different story if you are too busy to shop in person, but I'm sure guilty of shopping online, just because I can't be bothered to go to the shop.

Things that don't fit
With years of experience I'm pretty adept at selecting items that I know will fit my shape. But if you're new to online shopping, many stores offer free delivery/returns. Recently I ordered four of the same swimsuit in different sizes from Asos, with free delivery, and simply returned the three that weren't quite right. Be sure to check out return and exchange terms, they might work to your advantage!

The Ugly

Ugly websites
Ugly website? Simple. I won’t shop from you. Your blurry pictures, clashing colours and excessive use of decorative 90’s fonts imply that you aren’t keeping up to standard – and this might mean that your products aren’t up to standard either. A simple, clean and user-friendly platform for customers to purchase is what I'm after, and I’m hoping that we’re achieving this with our site!

Scams or shoddy stores
You’d think I would have had a few truly bad experiences, but honestly, I can only think of one… Earlier this year, we bought a pair of Uggs for Khai’s mum and wanted it shipped express for her birthday. It took three follow up emails (over the space of 2 weeks) before they even dispatched the order. After this, it still took almost two weeks to arrive. So this isn't really a scam, but this store had no idea what they were doing! We requested a refund for the shipping charges and they ignored us, repeatedly. After a bit of research, I’d discovered that the store’s parent company had previously been in legal battles over a scam about their products being genuine! Yep, this store is still trading, but NO, I’d never buy from them again!

This all being said, I’m still a lover of online shopping and believe it will continue to grow in this country; hopefully it will offer even more variety, and even faster, cheaper shipping. 

Fortunately, our site looks pretty and is functional too... be sure to check out our latest collection of Kits!

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