Eleven characteristics we should value

Eleven characteristics we should value

If you work in a team, at school or catch public transport - you should definitely read this list! Actually, EVERYONE should read this haha. It features eleven characteristics we should work on. Sometimes, we can be too shy for our own good or don't do what's right for us because we don't want to inconvenience others. At other times, we're afraid to step up because we don't want something bad to happen. And for some, they act cold hearted because they think that every time they extend a helping hand, it'll be bitten off!

Self respect is important

1/ Clean - I can't tell you how many times I've come close to vomiting from someone walking past me. These people are not homeless people, I'm talking about work mates, team mates and randoms sitting next to me on public transport. How can you not be aware of your own B.O? If you smell like a dead animal covered in fart gas - how can you even consider rocking up where people will be around you? I don't think it's too much to ask to shower daily and wear clean clothes, is it?

2/ Friendly - See a stranger that needs help? Feel free to give them a hand and directions if that's what they need. Earlier last week, I ran into a middle age couple from Las Vegas while working in Redfern. They spent 10 minutes asking me where they should visit in Sydney while they're here. After they left, I was filled with good feelings and I'm sure it gave them a good impression of our city haha

3/ Assertive - If someone wants you to do something you feel uncomfortable with, say No! Don't be a pushover because you're scared of what your manager or friend may say. You need to look after yourself! Being assertive is not the same as being rude!

4/ Considerate - We need more considerate people in this world, a lot of daily problems are caused by inconsiderate people. Prime example is driving, if someone is asking to get into your lane - LET THEM IN and don't be a prick about it! It's such a unimportant life event to stress over...

5/ Punctual - I'll admit, I use to be bad at this but since dating Lel I'm much better! If you don't like waiting 10-15 minutes for a friend, make sure you don't do the same to them. If you're punctual or even early, you stress less and showing respect for the person you're meeting.

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6/ Thinker - Try not to be reactive all the time. There are situations that require you to think before you speak. Those ten seconds that are silent may be the difference between keeping or breaking a relationship. And if you feel like you're about to do/say something life-changing, I would suggest sleeping on it before making the decision.

7/ Ambitious - We need to shake off the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Being ambitious should not be shamed, it should be applauded. There's nothing more inspiring than working with people who want to improve everyday. Mediocrity is not something than we should striving for in the work place or life in general!

8/ Supportive - Have a friend that's trying something new or trying to get rid of a bad habit? Be supportive not dismissive. I can't tell you how much I adore my friends who have supported me throughout life. They're usually the first one to encourage me to do something different. This doesn't mean that if you don't encourage me that you're a bad friend. No, not at all... I like to hear different views but what I don't appreciate are people who are negative towards everything I do. If they're toxic and always will be ... you need to question the value of the relationship.

9/ Listener - Shhhh don't talk! I just want you to listen to what I have to say. Over the years I have learnt to listen more and talk less when required. I used to think silences were awkward so I would fill it with words, I know better now.

10/ Self Respect - This can't be stressed enough. If you don't respect yourself, how do you expect others to? This can start with basic things like my first point about keeping yourself clean! If you respect your body, you will keep it in a good condition. You can sometimes tell when people are lacking this when their workplace, car or homes/rooms are covered in filth! Self respect is also a great way to build self confidence.

11/ Honesty - Who doesn't appreciate honesty? It may be hard to hear initially but it'll definitely be better than not being told until it's too late. Keep in mind there is a difference between being honest and being cruel.

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