Say No to Over The Top Theming (OTTT)

Say No to Over The Top Theming (OTTT)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about flimsy white plates (FWP) and the damage they're doing to that thing called 'party style'. Today, The Kit Source is pledging against tacky, over the top theming (I’m loving the acronyms, so I’m calling it OTTT).

Have you ever been to a party store, only to be overwhelmed with the amount of themed party supplies? I'm talking about those [insert latest movie/cartoon/trendy theme] plates, cups, napkins, lolly bags, party hats, etc., all with the EXACT SAME motif or design on them!

The jungle safari party taken a bit too far.

Whoa! A little OTT? Image: AliExpress

This might appeal to some, but as with many things in life, I believe subtlety is the key. I think of it like that age-old fashion tip – put on all of your accessories, then take one item off – this pretty much guarantees you won’t go OTT.

After spending a while traipsing through a party warehouse the other day, I started to get a little frustrated. I thought, ‘How could a busy person (possibly with kids in tow), get in and out of here in less than hour or two?’ Unless you’re on a mission and know exactly what you need, most people would either:

  1. Get a few themed items, then go back and forth between the aisles choosing complementary items (all while trying to calculate quantities and costs in their head)
  2. Grab an excess of matching items (either out of convenience or kid’s requests) and running the risk of going OTTT.

Either way, you’ll probably end up spending lots of time AND money!

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For those of you planning a party for your child, there’s also no doubt that you’ll be under pressure from them to have the party themed ‘to the max’, but there are some alternatives. Grab a few themed items, and pick complementary colours for the remaining items. Using a ‘Superman’ theme as a simple example, use solid blue, red and yellow items to match those legendary images. Those cartoon or licensed party supplies can be pretty darned expensive, so by only getting a few things, it will definitely save you some cash AND you can use some of those left over supplies for future occasions.

This is the approach we’ve taken at The Kit Source; we don't just grab any matching item, chuck it in a box and hope you enjoy it. We take the time to create a mood for the occasion, find some core themed items, match them with some complementary items from a range of suppliers, package them up and deliver them to you.

The Safari Party Essentials Kit - coming soon. It has all of your themed items to build a cute and fun birthday!
Image: Safari Party Kit

By providing you with a foundation of themed essentials, this also gives you the chance to customise; to inject a little of your/your child’s personality into the event. How can it look unique when every item on the table has the exact same image on it? Contrast is sometimes overlooked; those few themed items will truly stand out against some simple, complementary ones.

The Safari Decorator Kit will tastefully add to your theming.

To those who've done some truly creative and non-tacky theming, keep at it! Inspiration is all around us, so there’s no need for ‘same same’ party supplies. I wonder, have you seen or been to any OTTT parties?

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