Do these Seven things for a better life!

September 25, 2014

Do these Seven things for a better life!

Life can be tough. Some of us have busy or even stressful lives but that doesn't mean it has to be an unhappy one! Here are seven things we need to do more often to be happy!

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  1. Sleep - It all starts with a good night's rest. Without it, we will be too tired and grumpy to perform the basic functions. Yes, some of us have different work schedules and responsibilities but we can all do with a decent amount of sleep right? This is vital to completing everything else on the list. Also, who doesn't love dreaming? That's one of my favourite past times... Video: How to sleep better
  2. Stretch - Yes STRETCH!!! We need to limber up before we start our day. Our bodies should be ready for anything that's thrown our way. Stretching also helps you wake up in the morning. More importantly, it's to prevent the little niggles that can be annoying or make everyday things like walking painful.
  3. Be Positive - There are moments in life when being pragmatic or pessimistic is required but it's better to be positive every day! Have you noticed that it's nicer to be around happier people than angry, negative people? This is not to say that you can't be sad or feel any other emotion during your life. I'm just proposing that you should be positive more often. There are countless benefits to thinking and being positive!
  4. Smile - Don't you just love it when people smile at you? I mean a real smile, not one of those "I hate you" smiles. Funny thing is, if you smile at someone, they'll most likely smile back. We're programmed to reciprocate gestures like that! Try this out today.
  5. Laugh - In a shit mood? Laughing is amazing to get you out of it! Watch or read something funny and it'll break that shitty mood you're in. Laughing releases all these good hormones which will probably help you with sleep and being positive too. Youtube is a good resource - see "Dogs with eyebrows"
  6. Enjoy the little things - Sometimes when life is not going our way, it's best to have small wins. See the joys in the simple things from everyday life. E.g. on your way to work and you see a family walking past smiling and laughing - be happy for them and that will actually make you happy too. Or got to work 5 minutes early? Well that's a win too so enjoy it!
  7. See family and friends - Some of us have eccentric family members but we love them all the same! Family and friends make life what it is! Haven't seen people for a while? Organise a BBQ to see everyone or just drop by their house randomly!!! It'll be good just to see their faces and catch up over some food and drink. It's nice to remind friends and family that you care about them and also be reminded that you're loved!

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