Boycott the flimsy white plates

September 21, 2014

Boycott the flimsy white plates

The flimsy white plate versus the fun new season offerings!

I'm calling a boycott. Those boring, flimsy, white plates that are either sitting at the back of your pantry, or are waiting to be purchased at the supermarket or discount store - forget about them. Why do I have such harsh feelings about these innocent plates? A number of reasons:

  1. They look boring and don't show off your lovely party food.
  2. They're flimsy, and you know what that means? You take one hand off the plate to grab your drink and BAM, the bugs in the grass get your snag on a bun.
  3. You know there are better options out there, but you seem to go back to the flimsy white plates 'cos they're seemingly good value.

To further my vendetta against FWP (flimsy white plates), I'll tell you a story. A couple of months ago, I sat at a work function with a dreaded FWP in my lap, my bendy plastic cutlery in my hands, ready to tuck in to my Christmas in July feast. Oh, but what an ordeal! I could only get the tiniest, disappointing morsel of food on my fork, due to the debilitating fear of putting too much pressure on the plate, having it collapse and my delicious lunch disappear. Did it disappear? No. I was being very cautious. But it was still an awkward experience. From this moment on, I decided that we'd try our best to battle this issue, and boycott the FWP. This isn't to say we'll never include white plates in any of our Kits, but we'll sure test them out to ensure that their strength is up to scratch.

See our Collection of Party Supplies and Party

The Black and White Party Kit - classic, stylish, monochromatic.

The Candy Coloured Party Kit - bright, fun, unique.

So, with this in mind, do you think you'll boycott the FWP this party season? I'd suggest trying something different, something patterned or eco-friendly, something sturdy, but fun. Small details matter, and although the plates are probably one of the most overlooked items, they're an essential party item that serves an important purpose. Make the right decision, people!

Just as a handy note, FWP also stands for First World Problems. Ironic? Maybe.

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October 08, 2014

I am all for boycotting the FWP!! Even with a table they’re a nightmare!

We are planning for Christmas to be held at our place this year with about 15-20 people. With smaller numbers of guests we have gone for the ‘real stuff’ (actual crockery) but I have a feeling we’ll be looking at the throw away options this year.

I will most definitely be looking at the eco ranges or the colourful depending on our theme!!

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