Three things I didn't like as a kid but LOVE now

Three things I didn't like as a kid but LOVE now

Isn't it funny how your tastes changes as you get older? When you're young you think you know a lot but in reality, you don't know shit! I believe it when people say "you'll never stop being a student". Your hobbies, views, likes and dislikes have been shaped from the day you were born and will continued to be shaped everyday. So here are three things I didn't like as a kid but absolutely LOVE now!

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1/ Vegemite

Classic Aussie spread!


Was this un-Australian of me?? Honestly, I just didn't grow up eating this for breakfast or as a snack. Breakfast was whatever we had for dinner the night before. My first experience eating vegemite was in primary school when we had one of those multicultural days where everyone had to bring a dish from their home. Someone brought a vegemite sandwich which was cut into bite sizes. I had a taste and thought it was disgusting so it went straight out of my mouth and into the bin. 

My other memorable experience was at a Youth Leadership Camp. When it was my turn in the team challenge, it just happened to be "a spoon full of vegemite". Let me tell you now, this was not pleasant at all. I didn't want to let my team down so after they scooped a dollop of vegemite onto a teaspoon, I put the whole thing in my mouth and tried to swallow. NOPE, wasn't gonna happen and I spat it all out with the after taste making me want to vomit for the next thirty minutes. 

Now, however, I must admit that I love and appreciate vegemite. On my two stints of study overseas I not only took a jar with me for breakfasts but also to share with my international classmates. Some, like me found it gross but I reassured them that it would grow on them. Read more about Vegemite here.

2/ Watches

One of my favourite watches which was purchased in Singapore.


Hated wearing these things when I was young. They got in the way when you were playing sport, leaning on the table and were just annoying. I now have a nice collection of watches which I'm proud to wear everyday. It seems to be that every time we go overseas for a holiday, I buy one. Everyone has their own travel souvenirs and mine just happens to be watches. I also appreciate their ability to tell me the time when required and sometimes the date as bonus!

3/ Soccer

My home team, the Western Sydney Wanderers.


Sport wasn't something that was high on my agenda although I did watch cricket. I didn't play soccer so that's probably why I didn't watch it. If you've spoken to me in the last five years, you'll probably know that I'm a MASSIVE fan and watch and play soccer more than most people. Currently, I play an average of 3 - 4 times a week and have watch all Western Sydney Wanderers games, most Barcelona games and a lot of English Premier League games. Absolutely love it and I hope I can play for a long time as I know that I can watch it until I'm old and grey!

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