Party spending and the product sourcing adventure

September 14, 2014

Party spending and the product sourcing adventure

Image: Studio DIY

I've read a few articles of late, talking about how kids' parties are turning into massive expenses. These articles often mention that parents may spend thousands to ensure they're up to date with current trends and impressing their parenting 'peers'. My favourite quote from one of these articles: 

"There's some sense of fear that I might not look like I love my children or am happy that they've met this milestone. You feel the need to make it really special. But children don't remember."

Disclaimer: Khai and I don't have kids. We do, however, believe that parties should first and foremost be fun, and shouldn't cause the host/s to be stressed out (or out of pocket thousands) for one day. It might sound corny, but celebrating a birthday or special occasion with a loved one should be about laughter, creating memories aaaand eating, of course!

With this in mind, it really drives home our belief in what we're doing. Things should be worth their money, and I truly enjoy the challenge of sourcing products that are both unique and good value.

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Recently, I started sourcing for our next Party Kit which will be released at the end of September or early October. I am so excited to reveal it, as it's a fun, versatile theme, with some quirky items, too! The other thing I'm excited about is seeing how our customers use it. We encourage everyone to take the essentials from any of our Kits and see how far they can go with the theme by connecting with us on social media via #kitsforliving. We can't include full catering or personalised decor in our Kits (yet?), but there are some seriously fun and affordable party ideas out there. Be sure to check out Pinterest and some DIY bloggers for invaluable inspiration. I love Studio DIY for some colourful and fun projects; wouldn't the Funfetti Creamsicles below go great with a Spring Summer Party?

If you get the chance, why not add your own touches to your child's party, whether it be personalising favour bags, or decorating a delicious cake? If you're seriously short on time though, there's no harm in purchasing a cake or hiring some entertainment - the key is to have fun and celebrate!

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