Motivation: Friends and Dragon Ball

Motivation: Friends and Dragon Ball

We’ve been ONLINE for exactly 10 days and I’m trying to figure out how I feel as I haven’t really had the chance to think about it. Lel and I started working on The Kit Source in Berkeley, USA but we stepped up our efforts since returning to Sydney, Australia. I’m feeling really positive and I know Lel is too, even though we were a little run down a few weeks ago because of that dreadful flu.

Sometimes I wonder if we’ve worked hard enough to get this project off the ground. I think we started to really lift our game once September was in our sights. It was a goal we had set during the last few weeks in the USA and we're quite happy we were able to reach this milestone. We acknowledge that this was just the first steps in this long and arduous journey. 

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To demonstrate the level of hard work required, I’ve provided a scale of Saiyan levels.  If you watched Dragon Ball like me, you’ll be familiar with this. Basically, there's four levels of Super Saiyan (check out Goku's transformation) and each time your power levels increase but it also takes a bigger strain on your body.

Photo of Super Saiyans courtesy of MazakuKami

Currently, I'm back to normal level but I know leading up to the website launch, I definitely stepped up to Super Saiyan. I'm prepared to work as hard as possible and know that at certain points I'll need to ascend to another level to make this business successful! Another lesson I've taken out of watching show is that Goku's success comes from lots of preparation and training. Furthermore, he is persistent and determined to reach his goals; is adept at analysing the situation and utilising the best techniques to win the fight. More importantly, he never forgets about his family, eating good food or having a laugh either!

It’s been a really positive week since launching. We’ve caught up with friends who are also starting businesses. Last Friday, we visited Gav, my mate from Uni who opened a Chargrill Charlie's Restaurant in Mona Vale. He treated us to an amazing lunch where we got to eat basically everything on the menu. Best things were the Portugese style chicken, home made wedges, cauliflower salad and to top things off, the extremely tasty apple crumble pie! I can’t recommend this place enough so if you're heading up that way, make sure you drop by.

I also skyped with Lucas, who was a classmate in Berkeley. He’s based in Sao Paolo, Brazil and launched a Subscription Service for Gluten Free products called "The GlutenFree Box" a few weeks ago. It was awesome having someone to bounce ideas off and to share tips. During our chat, he’s given me some really good tips with Facebook advertising so hopefully we'll be more be able to boost our efforts!

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Finally, we caught up with our friend Kan who’s selling Terrariums under the name of “The Terrarists”. They're in the process of launching their website but in the mean time you can visit their Facebook page for product details and photos.

Having people you know who have started a business or starting a business is extremely valuable. Not only are they encouraging and optimistic but they provide solid tips. By sharing their experiences, it can really save you time and resources. It’s vital to stay in touch with people who can provide some perspective and that’s why I would always encourage you to get out, meet and network!

If you’re thinking about starting a business, good luck and work hard! Hope you have access to people who can be helpful otherwise you can always jump on forums and post your questions! In saying that, I'm happy to field any questions too.

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