Married at 24?

September 03, 2014

Married at 24?

Isn't it funny that when you get married, people always ask "how's married life?" and half expecting a bad answer? It’s been almost two years since we got married and I can honestly tell you that it’s been great (not that it was bad before). You’re probably wondering why and how considering the bad rap marriage gets in these modern times. Divorce rates are at an all time high and the media often portrays it as an obstacle to enjoying life to the fullest.

My experience from getting married in my mid twenties.

Image: Cake toppers from our wedding in 2012.

I must say that I disagree with this sentiment wholeheartedly but this is based on my personality, values and goals in life. Marriage is not a hindrance, obstacle or annoyance to the pursuit of happiness. Instead, it’s the foundation for building a happy life and this is not to say that you cannot have a happy life without marriage. I’m just saying that you can definitely have a happy life with marriage and it’s not as bad as many think.

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In life, we all live for different things but two we definitely share are love and acceptance. If you find someone who makes you feel this way early on, why wouldn’t you take it? If you have a good partner to navigate life with, wouldn’t you rather commit to this person than jump from person to person?  Sometimes, I think stability is underrated…

Growing up in a family where marriage is nowhere near as common as “separation”, I wasn’t exactly your typical believer. It was hard to believe in something that’s been “proven” to not work out by those closest to you. So early on in life, I became a skeptic of marriage and it honestly didn’t interest me until Lel and I were a lot more “serious” in our relationship. From that point on, things took their natural course and we are where we are.

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I should note that I think some of the marriages in my family may not have worked out due to their incompatibility from the start. But then again, times were different and they may not have had the opportunities to marry for love. This was a significant factor and when I acknowledged this fact, I became a believer in marriage.

For the reasons above, it is imperative to find the right person and really give it a shot. They need to love and respect you the way you love and respect them. Trust your gut and trust those closest to you. People notice when things aren’t right and sometimes feedback should be noted. At the end of the day, it’s your decision but you’ve got to feel right about it because you'll be the one living with that decision!

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