The TOM Kit - wanna decrease female complaints?

The TOM Kit - wanna decrease female complaints?

You may have seen us focus on the Party Kits for a while, but that's because it's Spring and the weather's getting pretty darned hot! Party season is starting and people are getting ready to enjoy the sunshine; celebrate with their family and friends.

BUT, I'm not thinking about parties at the moment, I've got something (someone?) else on my mind - TOM (Time of the Month), and I have something in my possession that will help me deal with my general feeling of 'meh'....

(Men, if this topic makes you uncomfortable, maybe read Khai's last post).

So, I have the TOM Kit; the first in our Living Kits Collection. The aim of a Living Kit is to have all of the items you might need for a life situation, in one handy spot. Khai will agree that I'm not the most pleasant person to hang with during TOM and there's a few items I really love to have on hand each month. 


When curating this Kit, the main thought was, "what would make me feel better?". So, of course I went for chocolate. Yes, yes, it's indulgent and sugary, but it's proven that chocolate has healing properties and (oh, how I love this sexist quote) that it helps to "decrease female complaints". (WTF?!?)

Anyways, back on topic. What else might you need? Most women I know that get killer cramps or back pain find comfort in hot water bottles or wheat bags. These are great remedies, but life doesn't stop when TOM's in town, right? Most of us have to head to work or continue with the daily school pick-ups and can't strap a water bottle to our torso, through fear of a) being mistaken as pregnant, or b) the hot water bottle exploding, burning us, and making it look like we wet ourselves, badly. The Hotteeze heat pads avoid these situations, they stay warm for hours and can be conveniently hidden on a cami or singlet.

What other helpful goodies might you need?

  • Green tea - soothing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Pain killers - to hinder the headache, backache or crampy fun
  • Tissues - in case you find yourself watching The Notebook again
  • Beauty items - hand cream, mini nail file, bath soak and face mask for a little pampering
  • Hygiene items - well, duh

Overall, we hope the TOM Kit, with all of its healing and indulgent properties, will alleviate some of the "crappiness" associated with that time of the month. We're working on other Kits that do the same sort of thing - i.e. make those life situations a bit less stressful/painful/annoying/hard. And as always, we want feedback - if any of you ladies think there's anything we've missed in the TOM kit, let us know... and for those chocolate spoons? A monthly subscription of those would make me darned happy... *drool*

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